The Qantas Super Board and Executive Officers

Our Board

The Qantas Super Board consists of:

  • five directors who are nominated and elected by our members, and
  • five directors who are appointed by Qantas Airways Ltd.

The member-elected directors are elected by the members in accordance with the Rules for the Nomination, Appointment and Removal of Directors.

The Qantas Super Board schedules six formal meetings and a strategy session each year, but meets more frequently if required. Take a look at the record of attendance at board meetings for the past seven years.

About the Directors and the Executive Team

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Company-Appointed Directors Member-Elected Directors
Anne Ward (Chair) Mark Thorpe (Group A)
Paul Costello Bruce Roberts (Group B)
Cecilia Ho John Sipek (Group C)
Andrew Monaghan Luke Murray (Group D)
Rachel Yangoyan TBC (Group E)


The Qantas Super Management Team and Executive Office

The Qantas Super Executive Officers are:

There are other companies which help Qantas Super achieve its objectives. These are known as outsourced service providers.

For example, Mercer Outsourcing (Australia) Pty Ltd provides our administration services. This means they manage our member data, transaction processing and call centre.

Qantas Super also uses a global custodian to hold our assets and investment managers to invest our assets.

Visit our Corporate Governance page to see a list of the outsourced service providers which provide a service that may affect a material business activity of Qantas Super.