Who runs Qantas Super

Qantas Super is one of the largest corporate superannuation funds in Australia. It was set up in 1939 for the benefit of members, and over time has evolved to accommodate their distinct needs as aviation employees.

Qantas Super now has almost 32,000 members and about $7 billion in assets under management.

Qantas Super is a trust, and as such is run by a trustee. The trustee of Qantas Super is Qantas Superannuation Limited (ABN 47 003 806 960).

As the trustee, Qantas Superannuation Limited has a Board consisting of 10 directors. The Board is responsible for ensuring Qantas Super operates in accordance with the Trust Deed and Rules, and all relevant laws and regulations.

The Qantas Super Management Team and Executive Office consist of specialists across investments, operations, legal, risk and compliance, member services and finance, and are based in the A Wing at Mascot campus. The CEO reports to the Qantas Super Board.

Read more about our Board and the Qantas Super Executive Officers.


Name Qantas Superannuation Plan
Postal address GPO Box 4303
Melbourne VIC 3001

The Qantas Super Helpline

(8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday)

1300 362 967

+61 3 8687 1866

Fax +61 3 9245 5827
Website www.qantassuper.com.au
Qantas Superannuation Plan ABN 41 272 198 829  RSE R1005486 (Qantas Super)
Qantas Superannuation Limited ABN 47 003 806 960  RSE licence L0002257 (Trustee)
SPIN Qantas Super does not have a SPIN
Cheque payment All cheques are to be made payable to “Qantas Superannuation Limited”
Unique identifiers

If you’re in Qantas Super Gateway – 41 272 198 829 401

If you’re in any other Qantas Super division – 41 272 198 829 001

Note: If you’re unsure which division you’re in, please contact us.