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Here you’ll find important information about the transfer of your super as part of the sale of Q Catering and Snap Fresh. We’ll continue to update this page as the sale progresses, so please come back from time to time for the latest on your super.

Latest updates

  • September 2021

    While our aim was to complete this Successor Fund Transfer (SFT) in 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Qantas Group and dnata Catering has unfortunately delayed the process.

    Despite these challenges, we continue to engage with the Qantas Group and dnata Catering in relation to when the proposed transfer process may resume. In the meantime, please rest assured that you remain a valued member of Qantas Super and we continue to take good care of your super.

  • March 2020

    We know there is a lot going on in the world right now, and that COVID-19 is having a big impact on the workforce of Qantas Group and dnata. But we thought it was important to write to you with this update.

    The trustees of Equip and Qantas Super continue to work together to finalise the logistical and legal arrangements for the proposed transfer of your super to Equip. This legal work relates to both the defined benefit and accumulation divisions of Qantas Super members. As this includes Divisions 1, 2, 3, 3A, 5, 6, 7 and Gateway, it has taken substantial effort to consider the arrangements for members in each of those divisions. It is not unusual for a process like this to take a lengthy time to complete.

    Work is well progressed on preparing the legal documents required to achieve the Successor Fund Transfer (SFT).

    Qantas Super’s Management recently provided an update to its Board in March, and received positive feedback in relation to the progress being made by all parties. It is important that both Qantas Super and Equip follow their separate, independent approval processes for the SFT, and they continue to do so. The management teams at Qantas Super and Equip will seek approval from their respective trustees and we are aiming to have the SFT completed this year. However, we continue to monitor the impacts of world events on that timeline.

  • November 2019
    This update was issued by dnata catering

    Equip and Qantas Super continue to work together through the logistical arrangements for the SFT and to progress the detailed legal drafting work. This is undertaken carefully with the aim of achieving an effective transfer and to ensure that the trustees meet their obligations around equivalency and member best interests. The current legal work relates to all divisions of the Qantas Super Plan in which there are transferring members, both defined benefit and accumulation – this has not changed.

    Our objective was to achieve the SFT in 2019, however there are still several practical matters to resolve before the proposal goes to the Board of the trustees for approval. Consequently, dnata catering and Qantas continue to work with Equip and Qantas Super, and are committed to investing the time required to achieve the right outcome for everyone and a successful transfer. We will update you regarding the SFT timing as the final items near resolution. Further superannuation and related information will continue to be displayed on the TV screens and notice boards in your work area.

  • August 2019

    Superannuation fund transfers are complex and important, so they can take some time to work through. The end result is to ensure that the rights you have to benefits after the transfer are, when considered on balance, equivalent to the rights you have now as a current Qantas Super member.

    Qantas Super, dnata catering and Equip Super are currently working closely together, through a two-step process, to help make this transition a success.

    1. Step one involves copying and amending the Qantas Super rules so that only provisions relevant to members like you, who now work for dnata catering, are carried over. The Qantas Super Trust Deed, which contains the rules that govern how your super is currently managed, is being used by dnata catering and Equip Super as a base for the rules that will apply to your super benefit going forward.
    2. The next step is for Equip Super to put these rules into a legally binding format known as a participation Agreement with dnata catering. This is so that Equip Super can continue to provide you with your superannuation benefits. The proposal will then be submitted for consideration and approval by the Equip and Qantas Super boards. Qantas Super, dnata catering and Equip Super are waiting on final documents to complete these steps. Once these steps are successfully completed and the transfer approved, both Qantas Super and Equip Super will write to you about the transfer and what any differences will mean for you.

    We have been working closely with our service providers, such as our legal, actuarial, financial, and tax advisors and providers of administration services. Together, we are carefully and thoroughly working through the steps above and preparing for the transfer so it goes as smoothly as possible.

    At the time that we are able to confirm that the successor fund transfer is approved, we will be in a position to also further update you on how this will impact the timing and transfer of payroll services. Qantas payroll and dnata catering payroll teams are also working collaboratively to ensure that the transfer of payroll services can be managed as smoothly and efficiently as possible following the successor fund transfer.

  • February 2019
    This update was issued by dnata catering

    Until the transfer to Equip is complete, your Superannuation benefit and contributions will continue to be managed by Qantas Super. Qantas Super has confirmed that they will continue to manage the benefits until the benefits can be replicated in Equip Super. dnata catering is paying your contributions into the Qantas Super fund via the Qantas Payroll.

    Behind the scenes Equip are currently reviewing all the different Qantas Super funds rules and requirements that exist to ensure the existing benefits are no less favourable in their system and a successful funds transfer (SFT) for all employees can be implemented.

    The next steps will be for Lawyers to prepare the Participation Agreement that Qantas Super, Equip and dnata catering will all need to sign-off on. Once signed, this document can be made available to you or your representative upon formal request.

    In addition to the participation agreement, the Management process of the Superannuation contributions by dnata catering and the Management process of the Accumulation Funds by Equip will need to be ratified by Qantas Super, its Trustee and Board of Directors.

    The process of transferring Superannuation accounts is very complex, and it can take some time to ensure the transition will be successfully completed. With this in mind, following is the proposed implementation and transfer plan:

    1. You will be invited to attend a group education session which will be run by dnata with presentations from Equip:

    • All shifts, all sites – Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Perth
    • Explaining how the Accumulation fund transfer works
    • Answering any questions, you may have

    2. dnata payroll will take over the Payroll and Superannuation processing. You will receive written advice 8 weeks prior to this happening.

    • Superannuation contributions will still be paid to Qantas Super until the SFT has been completed to Equip

    3. You will receive a letter from the Qantas Super Trustee notifying you of the following:

    • The date your funds will be transferred to Equip
    • Contact Details for your new fund Manager
    • Any other subtle differences you can expect to see, such as: different fund names etc.

    4. You will receive a letter from Equip known as a “Transfer Guide”

    • Information includes fees, insurance and investment comparisons
    • Any other subtle differences you can expect to see, such as: different fund names etc.

    5. Your Superannuation data and funds will be transferred to Equip (Successful Funds Transfer).

    If the transfer is delayed for any reason, the benefits will continue to be managed by Qantas Super.

    It is also worth mentioning that Equip is a “Profit for Members” fund, which means profits flow back to members – not external shareholders. This was one of the major reasons why dnata catering carefully selected Equip and we are confident that your superfunds are in good hands.

  • January 2019

    You may have heard that dnata has now formally appointed Equip Super as the preferred fund for employees transferring from Qantas Super.

    Qantas Super will now work closely with Equip on the transfer process. You can read about the tests that need to be satisfied in our earlier updates below.

    No date has yet been set for the transfer of your super. Your current super arrangements in Qantas Super will remain in place until then.

  • October 2018

    You may have heard that Qantas is working towards a start date for dnata operations on 1 November 2018. Your current super arrangements with Qantas Super, however, will remain in place for a while longer. In fact, it can take between six and 24 months from the time of the sale to decide whether your super will be transferred to a new super fund.

    What happens during this time?
    There are a couple of tests we need to complete to be satisfied your super can be transferred to a new super fund.

    Test 1: The transfer to the new super fund is in line with our duties to our members, including our duty to act in the best interests of members as a whole; and
    Test 2: The rights you receive in the new fund for your super benefits will be equivalent to the rights you have in Qantas Super. This doesn’t mean your rights must be exactly the same, just that as a bundle they’ll be equivalent.

    As you’d expect, this assessment is an important and complex activity that cannot be rushed.

    For more detail on how the sale will impact your super, please read the letter we issued Q Catering and Snap Fresh employees in June 2018.

  • June 2018

    You’ll be receiving a letter from us in the next few days to explain more about what the sale means for your super. You can read it here.

    Don’t miss out on any information during this time. Log into your account or call us on 1300 362 967 to update

    • Your email
    • Your postal address
  • May 2018

    We’ve held 15 super information sessions at the catering centres since the sale was announced. More than 550 members have attended the sessions, with lots of questions about what the sale means for your super.

    If you haven’t been able to attend one of the sessions, here are the top things to know:

    We protect your savings

    • The trustee of Qantas Super is the guardian of your super savings. We have to act in the best interests of all our members as a whole. We will work through the transfer process on your behalf.
    • Nothing will change overnight. This process depends upon the Australian Competition Consumer Commission approving the sale. After that, Qantas Super and the new super fund (as yet unknown) will need to review the superannuation arrangements. This could take 12 to 18 months. Until then, your super savings will stay in Qantas Super.

    Ways you can protect yourself

    • Keep an eye out for emails and letters from us. We’ll send you information about the changes so be sure to read them.
    • Be aware of taking financial advice from people who are not licensed financial advisers. They may not understand the terms of the sale, or the transfer from Qantas Super to another super fund.

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