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You wouldn’t fix your car on your own (unless you’re an aircraft mechanic), so why would you have all the answers to something as complex your financial future? Just like in everyday life, it’s ok to ask for help with your finances.

As a member you get access to a range of advice options at no additional cost. Whether you prefer to discuss your super over the phone or read it online, we’re here to help you.

Make an appointment

You can book an appointment to speak with us over the phone, or face-to-face in a location that’s convenient for you.

There are two types of appointments for you to choose from:

  • Super Advice: If you need advice about your super that takes into account your individual needs and circumstances
  • Simple questions: If you need general advice and information about your super, for example learning how different aspects of your super work

If you need more immediate help, please call us on 1300 362 967.

You can also attend a seminar or webinar – check our schedule of upcoming events.


Let's get started. Select a location and a date and time that suits you.

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Upcoming workplace visits

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Wednesday 5 June 2024Sydney Engineering
Thursday 6 June 2024Melbourne Avionics
Wednesday 12 June 2024Sydney International cabin crew

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Meet the Super Advice team

If you’re a member of Qantas Super, you can get advice from our team over the phone or face-to-face at a time and location that suits you. Just 30 minutes of your day could set you up for life.

Meet Josephine Tannous

Super Adviser Josephine Tannous believes a face to face discussion about super can make a big difference for members.

Meet Simone D'Souza

Super Adviser Simone D’Souza wants to make information about super easy and accessible for our members.

Meet Mohammed Hasnane

Member Care consultant Mo Hasnane wants to help make a difference for members.

Meet Rachel Gulisano

As a Member Care consultant, Rachel will be working to help members with more complex enquiries that can’t always be solved by a quick call to the Helpline, as well as providing general advice through one-on-one appointments and visits to bases across Australia.

Meet Rita Lamack

Super Adviser Rita Lamack believes that talking to an adviser and taking charge now can make a big difference when you hit retirement.

Learn about your super at a webinar or seminar

Our seminars and webinars are designed to help if you just want to understand the basics, are looking to grow and secure your money, or find out what your super insurance can do for you when you need it most. You might just have started out in your working life, or maybe it’s time to start planning for later. Either way, we can help you.

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Prefer to chat over email?

No problem, simply log into your account and send us an email from there. We’re ready to help you.

Learn online

Our Learning Hub can answer some of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, helping you understand your super and the simple steps you can take to stay in control.

Attend a seminar or webinar

Our seminars and webinars are designed to help if you just want to understand the basics, are looking to grow and secure your money, or find out what your super insurance can do for you when you need it most.

Superannuation financial advice about your super is provided by our employees who are Authorised Representatives of Guideway Financial Services Pty Ltd, ABN 46 156 498 538 (Guideway), Australian Financial Services Licence #420367 – view the Guideway Financial Services Guide.  No additional fees are payable for general or limited personal/intra-fund financial advice (i.e. simple advice) as the cost is part of the Qantas Super administration fees and costs. Financial advice services are also available directly through Guideway Financial Advisers for an additional fee, such as comprehensive retirement planning or advice on issues beyond your Qantas Super account. In some circumstance this fee can be paid through your Qantas Super account. Qantas Super does not receive any commissions from Guideway as a result of members using their financial advice services.

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