Got a question about your super? Diana's got the answer!

Super Adviser Diana Antonious saw first-hand how solid financial advice can empower people after helping her mother with her super. Like many other Australian women – who retire, on average, with 32 percent less super than men – her super wasn’t where it needed to be.

However, simple actions like setting up salary sacrificing, switching investment options, and making sure her contributions were up to date helped give Diana’s mother not only greater confidence in her finances, but a sense of excitement about her super too.

“Many people are scared of retirement, because they don’t know whether they will be okay financially, so they procrastinate with their super. They’re very uncertain,” Diana explained.

“Just simplifying things and speaking in plain English gave my mother greater confidence about her position, and also helped her understand what she can do to put herself in a better position.”

When the opportunity arose to join the Qantas Super team as a Super Adviser this year, she jumped at the chance.

“Qantas Super is a fantastic community. I had always felt a strong sense of family, support, trust, ownership, and genuine care for members in all my interactions with the Qantas Super team,” Diana said.

“When I had the opportunity to come on board, I already felt like I was part of the family.”

Diana and the rest of the Qantas Super advice team travel across Australia to meet members at a time and location that suits them. The service is provided at no additional cost to members.

As she travels to bases around the country, Diana is passionate about helping more members understand and get excited about their super.

“Super starts at your first job. Your employer contributes on your behalf every year to what is essentially a bank account with your name on it,” Diana said.

“This grows with you throughout your working career, to the point that when you retire it could potentially be one of your largest financial assets, outside your family home. Considering the magnitude of what it could become, I want people to take more interest.”

Diana encourages members to book a face-to-face discussion and come in with an open mind.

“We can simplify things for you, help put you in a better position, and make sure you walk away with more information than you had before.”

Speed round

Favourite holiday destination?

New York.

Favourite spot at the bases you visit?

Qantas Mascot Campus. I love walking the foyer and the Street, where our engines and aircraft models are on display. While it’s a corporate space, it still allows you to have a great sense of connection to the airline.

Cats or dogs?


Favourite place to relax?

The Peninsula hot springs outside of Melbourne.

Go-to coffee order?

Almond latte, extra hot.

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