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Got a question about your super? Josephine’s got the answer!

After more than a decade as a financial planner, Josephine Tannous joined Qantas Super in February 2019 to help members with their super.

Her passion for finance and helping people make sense of money was born as a child. As the daughter of immigrants and eldest of four siblings, Josephine said she was often helping her parents understand their bills and organise their paperwork.

“That was the reason I got into financial planning,” Josephine said. “I thought that if I could make a difference to my own family, maybe I could also make a difference to someone else’s.”

After starting her career in margin lending at CommSec, Josephine later joined a financial advice and planning business where she looked after members of corporate super funds including Prouds the Jewellers and Ferrero Rocher.

“I got a sense of fulfilment out of sitting down with members. I realised I could help them by explaining things to them and educating them about their super,” Josephine said. “It was really rewarding.”

This focus then led Josephine to Qantas Super, where she is now helping members make the most of their super.

Josephine and the rest of the Qantas Super advice team travel across Australia to meet members at a time and location that suits them. The service is provided at no additional cost to members.

Josephine believes a face to face discussion about super can make a big difference for members – just 30 minutes of your day can set you up for life.

“I really want our members to understand that, at the end of the day, super is their money and it’s a savings pot they need to take an interest in,” she said.

“Super can potentially give a member the opportunity to live the great life in retirement that they deserve to have after all their hard work.”

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Favourite holiday destination and why?

Hong Kong. It’s vibrant, it’s busy, and there’s great food, great shopping, and great nightlife.

Favourite hidden spot at the bases you visit?

The staff shop at Sydney International Airport – you can really grab a bargain there!

Cats or dogs?


Favourite sports team?

Wests Tigers

Go-to coffee order?

Piccolo – normal, full-fat milk, no sugar. I’m simple.

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