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Qantas Super provides eligible members with flexible insurance options. This means you can be covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week for death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) and, depending upon your division, income protection.

This is known as Basic Cover if you are a member of Gateway, and Standard Cover for all other members and is subject to eligibility criteria.

This page provides an overview and assumes you:

  • are a permanent Qantas Group employee currently at work (not on leave without pay);
  • are eligible for cover under Qantas Super’s insurance policies with the insurer, MetLife. If you were last at work before 1 July 2013, Qantas Super’s self-insured arrangements apply to you, which are different to the benefits set out in this information sheet;
  • haven’t adjusted your Basic Cover in Gateway; and
  • do not have special arrangements or grandfathered benefits.

This page doesn’t cover any Voluntary Cover you may also have taken out. Please refer to the Voluntary Cover Insurance Guide for details.

Note: If you cease employment with the Qantas Group and become a Retained Member in Gateway, your Basic Cover or Standard Cover will transfer to Gateway (conditions apply). Refer to the disclosure information relevant to your division.

Income protection (or total but temporary disablement) benefit

Divisions 5, 6, 7, 10 and Gateway
Details of the benefit
  • Monthly income benefit of 75% of Salary for Insurance Purposes1
  • Minimum waiting period of 90 days
  • Payable for maximum period of 24 months
  • Cover to age 65
  • Benefit payable does not cease on termination of employment
How it's calculated
  • Monthly income benefit = (your Salary for Insurance Purposes1 x 75%) ÷ 12
  • Any lump sum offsetting amounts received are converted to equivalent income amounts for the purpose of determining the amount of the offset to be applied
  • Benefit reduced by offsetting amounts which include, but are not limited to:
    • Any workers’ compensation payment
    • Any sick or annual leave payments
    • Any social security payment
    • Any payment received under the Loss of Licence Insurance Plan
    • Any other income received as a result of the disability (including from other insurance policies)
Division 3A

No income protection benefit is provided.

Total and permanent disablement (TPD) benefit

Lump sum TPD benefit
  • Divisions 5, 6 and Gateway – Cover to age 65
  • Divisions 7 and 10 – Cover to age 60
  • Division 3A – No TPD benefit is provided (except for certain members2 – Cover to age 65)
How it's calculated
  • Division 5 = 15% x Salary for Insurance Purposes1 x years to age 65
  • Division 6 = 18% x Salary for Insurance Purposes1 x years to age 65
  • Gateway = Age Based Multiple (refer to the Gateway PDS for details) x Salary for Insurance Purposes1
  • Division 7 = 18% x Salary for Insurance Purposes1 x years to age 60
  • Division 10 = 10% x Salary for Insurance Purposes1 x years to age 60
  • Division 3A = Not applicable (except for certain members2 = Age based fixed dollar scale applies)

Death or Terminal Illness benefit

Lump sum death benefit
  • Divisions 5 and 6 – Cover to age 65
  • Gateway – Cover to age 70
  • Divisions 7 and 10 – Cover to age 60
  • Division 3A – Cover to age 55 (except for certain members2 – Cover to age 65)
  • Lump sum Terminal Illness benefit payable as an advance payment of the death benefit
How it's calculated
  • The death benefit (or the terminal illness benefit, where applicable) is calculated in the same way as the lump sum TPD benefit
  • Terminal Illness benefit payments are subject to a maximum of $3 million. Any remaining balance is payable on death

Note: For Division 3A, the benefit is an amount equal to the minimum legislated death benefit.

1Details on how Salary for Insurance Purposes is calculated can be found on the People section of the Qantas Group intranet, or by contacting Qantas People Services or the relevant payroll department.
2These are Division 3A members who transferred from the non-contributory section of the Australian Airlines General Superannuation Plan.

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