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Your super will enter a new phase on the 1 July following your 60th birthday. Rest assured, you’re not alone – this is the way Division 2 was designed for all former members of the Australian Airlines General Superannuation Plan (AAGSP).

What's changing on 1 July

Your defined benefit component will be calculated and invested

On 1 July you will reach the maximum calculation possible in this phase of your defined benefit. This means the formula calculating your defined benefit will be frozen.

Qantas Super will invest your defined benefit amount, and you will begin earning returns on that amount. These returns could be positive or negative.

You no longer have to make compulsory contributions from your pay

You’ll no longer need to make compulsory member contributions, so these will no longer be deducted from your pay.

Your standard insurance cover will end  

Your standard death and disability insurance as part of Division 2 was always designed to cover you up until the 1 July following your 60th birthday, and end at this date.

If you have any voluntary insurance cover in Qantas Super, this will continue until you reach 65 years of age, and insurance premiums for this cover will continue to be deducted from your account balance.

If you don’t currently have voluntary cover in Qantas Super, you can apply for death only or death and TPD cover, and it will continue to cover you until you reach age 65. If you are considering additional insurance, it’s worth noting that the cost of insurance premiums increase with age, so it’s a good idea to consider the level of cover you really need.

If you would like to discuss your insurance options, you can give us a call.

What's staying the same

You’re still in Division 2

You will remain a member of Division 2 in your new phase of super.

Qantas will continue to pay your administration fees and make contributions to your super

As a member of Division 2, Qantas has always paid your administration fees. This will continue, and can be a big saving.

Qantas will also continue to contribute to your super. Qantas will contribute at the Superannuation Guarantee rate, which is the minimum rate set by the Federal Government. Currently, this is 11% of your salary. This amount will increase to 11.5% on 1 July 2024.

If you make voluntary contributions, these will stay the same

Any additional amounts you’re putting into super will continue to be deducted from your pay.

Remember, there are limits to the amount of contributions you can make into super each financial year before you incur extra tax. Monitor the level of concessional (before tax) and non-concessional (after-tax) contributions made to your super.

Your Australian Airlines minimum benefit guarantee will continue to apply

The safety net built into your defined benefit – the Australian Airlines minimum benefit guarantee – will continue from 1 July.

Speak to a Super Adviser

We know it’s sometimes easier to have someone explain what’s changing.

You can speak to a Super Adviser to understand what the changes will mean for you.

Book in a 30 minute meeting with a Super Adviser to get a one on one look at your super.

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