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What happens to your super when you leave your job at the Qantas Group?

Moving on from a job can mean a lot of changes, but wherever life takes you next, you can rest assured that Qantas Super will be right by your side.

Moving on from a job can mean a lot of changes, but wherever life takes you next, you can rest assured that Qantas Super will be right by your side.

That’s because Qantas Super was created to look after the super savings of the Qantas family. So you can stay with a fund that gets who you are, and where you’ve come from.

What happens to my Qantas Super account?

Once you stop working for the Qantas Group, you’ll automatically become a retained member of Qantas Super’s Gateway Division.

And you can stay with Qantas Super for as long as you want (with a balance of at least $6,000).

You’ll see a couple of changes with your account, depending on whether you were already a member of our Gateway Division, or if you were in another Division.

Watch this short video to learn about what happens to your account when you leave Qantas:

What happens if I’m already in Gateway?
Here’s what stays the same
  • Your member number
  • Your PIN for logging into your account
  • Your fees and costs
  • The investment option your super is invested in, and the options you can choose from
  • The people you’ve nominated as your beneficiaries
  • The dollar amount of your insurance cover for death and total and permanent disablement
  • Your insurance premiums.
Here’s what will be different
  • Your default insurance cover becomes a fixed dollar amount (instead of being based on your salary)
  • Your income protection cover will stop 90 days after you stop working for the Qantas Group.
What happens if I’m in another Division?
  • You’ll get a brand new account in Qantas Super’s Gateway Division, and your super balance will transferred into this account. This will happen after we receive your last contribution and information about your employment from payroll, which may take up to eight weeks. If you would like to check up on how this process is tracking, you can reach out to People Services
  • Your new account in Gateway will be backdated to be effective from the day after you left employment at Qantas Group
  • You’ll get a new PIN to log into your new account
  • Fees and costs for Gateway will apply
  • Your super will be invested in the investment options you’ve already chosen. If you haven’t chosen an option, your super will be invested in the default option for Gateway. And if you’re in a defined benefit division, your entire benefit including the defined benefit portion will be invested in the investment option(s) you have previously chosen or in the default option for Gateway. You’ll now be able to choose your investment option(s) for all of your super
  • You can change your investment option at any time, including the time between ceasing employment and your transfer to Gateway – and you’ll have access to the same investment options as you do now
  • The dollar amount of insurance cover you have for death and total and permanent disablement will carry across. Your income protection cover stops.
  • Insurance premiums for Gateway will apply to your insurance cover. Some of you don’t currently pay insurance premiums or you may only pay a portion, so it’s important to check the cost
  • The people you’ve nominated as your beneficiaries will carry across to your new account

What do I need to do if I'm getting another job?

If you’re moving on to a new employer, Qantas Super will be right there with you. As you get set up at your new job, here are some quick things you can do to make sure your super is on track:

  • Review your insurance cover: Your insurance will change when you leave employment at Qantas Group. These changes differ depending on your division, so it’s important to review your cover and be aware of what’s changing for you.
  • Review your investment options: It’s important to review your investment options from time to time, to make sure they’re still aligned to your needs and objectives.
  • Crunch the numbers: Our calculators can help you work out how much super you could have in retirement and how long it will last. You can compare different scenarios by adjusting your contributions, returns, and more.
  • Speak to a Super Adviser: A Super Adviser can help you make sure your super is on track, wherever you go next. You can book a one-on-one chat with a Super Adviser at no extra cost.

What do I need to know if I'm retiring?

If you’re ready to retire and want to start accessing your super, you may want to consider opening a Platinum-rated Qantas Super income account.

With an income account you can:

  • Receive regular payments: An income account pays you a regular income from your retirement savings. That means you can better manage your day-to-day expenses and those bigger retirement dreams.
  • Reduce the tax you pay: Before you turn 60, you may receive a 15% discount for the tax you pay on your retirement income. Once you’ve turned 60, you won’t pay tax on the payments you receive from your income account. When you open, or switch to, an income account as a retirement member, you won’t pay tax on your investment earnings1.
  • Keep growing your wealth: Did you know that 60% of a member’s wealth is earned through investment during retirement?2 An income account keeps your nest egg invested so it continues to generate returns.
  • Have flexibility with your money: To help with budgeting, you can choose to receive fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments from your income account. You can also make online withdrawals3 to cover any other expenses that may pop up.

1. Tax applies to investment earnings for income accounts for transition to retirement members.   2. Russell Investments: ‘The 10/30/60 Rule’, January, 2015.   3. Conditions apply. Minimum and maximum drawdown limits apply.

Important things to consider before retirement:

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