How investment returns are calculated

Investment returns for each investment option (except the Term Deposit option) are applied to accounts in Qantas Super, where applicable, using credited interest rates (CIRs).

Credited interest rates

CIRs represent, as far as practicable, the net investment returns (net of investment tax) on the assets for each investment option, after investment fees have been deducted.

CIRs can be positive or negative. The CIR for each of the investment options is determined by the Trustee at least weekly and is published below. The actual investment earnings applied to your account are based on the CIRs for the investment options, you’re invested in, the period of time that you were invested in the investment options and the timing of cash flows into and out of your account. When applied to your account, annualised CIRs will be used, pro-rated on a daily basis.

Interim credited interest rates

Where CIRs are not available, interim credited interest rates (ICIRs) determined by the Trustee are applied to your account. ICIRs may be positive or negative. The ICIRs for a period will be replaced by the final CIRs for that period once they have been calculated. The Trustee reviews the ICIRs on a regular basis and may increase or decrease the ICIRs applied to your account at any time.

Investment returns

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