Looking after your super

At Qantas Super we believe in a ‘safety first’ approach when it comes to managing your superannuation investments. We focus on investing for the long term and choose high quality, value for money investments. It’s an approach that takes into account the risks and the rewards. We then create investment options for you to choose based on your personal risk profile – the level of risk you’re prepared to take. This way we help you weather market ups and downs in the best way possible to meet your retirement goals.

Our key investment beliefs

  • We believe that investment strategy is critical. We employ the best talent in-house to proactively manage risk exposures to create and protect value for members
  • We believe that investment management and implementation should be undertaken by ‘best in class’ investment partners specifically selected to meet your investment needs. We actively manage over 25 investment partners and continuously review their performance
  • We believe that market risk exposures are the most important drivers of portfolio outcomes. A comprehensive view of all risks is required to manage portfolios effectively. Learn more
  • We believe that appropriate risk diversification increases the probability of achieving our stated investment objectives and helps to deliver a smoother path of returns
  • We believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can impact investment risks, returns and reputation. We exercise your active share ownership rights and constructively engage with company boards about material ESG issues. Learn more
  • We believe that there is a positive relationship between sound investment governance and investment performance
  • We believe that effectively managing all expenses is very important to maximising investment returns
To bring these beliefs to life, we’ll be talking about some companies we’re investing in. Take a look at the ‘Learn about…’ box on this page. We select high quality investment managers to invest the assets held by Qantas Super on your behalf. We regularly review their performance and can remove managers and add new ones, as required. Details of our investment managers are included in the Qantas Super annual report each year.
Learn about …
Agriculture and Timberland Helping the world’s tomorrow, today  
Learn about …
Renewable Energy We’re helping to harness sun, wind and rain  
What investing through super could look like
We invest in a wide range of sectors and businesses through our investment managers