Our investment mission and beliefs

Our investment mission

To provide a range of well-structured, high quality investment options that enable members to achieve a long-term, net risk-adjusted return in line with their retirement needs.

Here are our investment beliefs:
  • There is a positive relationship between investment governance and performance.
  • Appropriate diversification of risk premia is critical to enhancing the probability of achieving Qantas Super’s stated investment objectives.
  • Market risk exposures are the most important drivers of portfolio outcomes. However, risk is multi-dimensional and a holistic view of all risks is required to manage portfolios effectively.
  • Markets deviate from long-term fair value and it is possible to selectively identify and exploit these fluctuations for the benefit of members.
  • Investment strategy is the responsibility of Qantas Super and investment management and implementation is best performed by high quality, ‘fit for purpose’ service providers selected by Qantas Super.
  • Markets are typically inefficient over the short to medium-term and some skilled investment managers can exploit these inefficiencies to add value after investment expenses.
  • The effective management of investment expenses such as fees, taxes and transaction costs delivers meaningful benefits to our members.
  • Environmental, social and governance factors can impact investment risks, returns and reputation and contribute to Qantas Super delivering sustainable growth for the benefit of members.

Every year, we review our stated investment objectives to make sure they remain appropriate for all members.

Our investments have also been reviewed on an ongoing basis to make sure they remain appropriate and contribute to helping meet the specific investment objectives of each option.

Our investment managers

We select high quality investment managers to invest the assets held by Qantas Super on your behalf. We regularly review their performance and can remove managers and add new ones, as required.

Details of our investment managers are included in the Qantas Super annual report each year.