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Performance history – Super

Investment returns are shown below for each of Qantas Super’s investment options for the 2015/2016 financial year.

Returns to 30 June 2016 (% pa)

Investment option

1 year

5 year

10 year


Aggressive 0.44% 7.76% 5.01% 6.31%
Growth 1.10% 6.76% 4.86% 5.91%
Balanced 1.25% 6.15% 4.99% 5.68%
Conservative 1.79% 4.96% 4.67% 4.98%
Cash 1.85% 2.60% 3.54% 3.65%
– Take-Off  – 1.77%
– Altitude  –  – 1.68%
– Cruising 1.25%
– Destination  –  – 1.30%
  1. Since inception returns are for the period from the investment option’s commencement date. The Glidepath option commenced from 1 October 2015. The Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Conservative and Cash investment options commenced from 1 April 2005. Returns for our Gateway division (which commenced on 1 July 2013) are based on the corresponding investment options available from 1 April 2005.

Important information

  • These returns are compound average effective rates of return, net of tax and fees.
  • Returns shown are average annual returns and are not the actual returns you’ve received on your super in each investment option or in Qantas Super. The actual investment return for your super will depend on the period of time you were invested in an investment option and the timing of transactions in and out of your account.
  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


Historical returns for Super and historical returns for Retirement (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual CIRs) are listed here.