Term deposit offer

In addition to selecting an investment option, you may also choose to invest a portion of your account balance into a term deposit. Term deposits are fixed rate, fixed term investments, providing a secure return on funds, for a specific period.

Key features at a glance


Qantas Super term deposit


Qantas Super members in Divisions 5, 6, 7, 10 and Gateway (excluding Income Accounts) are eligible to apply for a term deposit.

You may also be eligible to apply if you are a member of a defined benefit division in Qantas Super and have reached your superannuation date or retirement date.

Terms 6 or 12 months
Minimum amount $5,000
Maximum amount 80% of your available account balance. A minimum of $5,000 must remain in your investment option, in addition to any term deposit held.
Interest paid Interest is paid on your term deposit at maturity.
Frequency of offer Generally quarterly (December, March, June and September).
What happens at maturity Once your term deposit reaches maturity, the proceeds including interest will be automatically deposited back into your available investment balance.
Access to Funds Restrictions apply. For details, please read the disclosure materials relevant to your division.
Note: There is no limit on the number of term deposits you can have in your Qantas Super at any time, however you can only invest in one term deposit each quarter.

For more information, please read the disclosure materials relevant to your division.

Upcoming offers

Term deposits are currently unavailable for the March quarter offering. Any future term deposit offers will be made available on this page.