There are different calculators available that are designed to help you to think about your super savings and insurance cover, and to help you work out if you’re on track for the retirement you want.

Qantas Super’s retirement income simulator

With our retirement income simulator, you can:

  • Work out how much super you could have and how long it will last in retirement
  • Estimate your total income in retirement – from your super, the government Age Pension and your other assets
  • Compare the estimated income with what you might need…there’s even a budget planner to help you calculate what you might need
  • Enter your partner’s details to see an indication of how much you’ll have as a couple
  • Create and compare different scenarios – vary your super contributions, change investment returns, change your retirement date and more



  • This simulator assumes you have an accumulation-style super benefit and doesn’t allow for any defined benefit super calculations that might apply to you.
  • The insurance and administration fees used in this simulator are for Qantas Super Gateway and do not reflect the $1,200 cap on the Gateway administration fee.*
  • If you are in a division other than Gateway, your insurance and administration fees will be different to those used in this simulator. You can adjust the default amount of these fees when using this simulator.

* These fees are deducted as an annual dollar amount, which includes dollar based administration fees and current insurance premiums. The default value of these fees are based on the $137 administration fee plus the insurance premium of $882 for a member aged 40 with basic cover for death and TPD of $400,000, and income protection for $60,000 p.a., calculated at the rates provided in the Member Guide Supplement issued 1 October 2015. The simulator assumes that the dollar based fees and insurance will increase in line with wage inflation and are deducted from your super balance each year until you retire.

The assumed percentage based fees (if any) are the fees that are expressed as an annual percentage of your account balance. The default value of the percentage fee is based on the percentage based administration fees, investment fees and indirect cost ratio for the selected investment strategy. The simulator deducts these amounts from the investment return shown prior to calculating earnings for each year.

ASFA Insurance Needs Calculator

Wondering about your level of insurance? The ASFA Insurance Needs Calculator gives you a general picture if you have enough insurance cover for death, disablement and income. (ASFA is the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, the peak policy, research and advocacy body for Australia’s superannuation industry.)

ALERT: These calculators are not intended to be relied upon to make a decision about a financial product and you should consider obtaining advice from a financial adviser before you make any financial decisions.