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Wondering how to read your annual statement?

14 September 2017

Your annual statement is on its way to you. To help you understand what your statement tells you, and the details to look for, we’ve put together a short video with the help of  financial adviser Andrew Quoyle.  Andrew is very familiar with Qantas Super and is located at the Qantas campus at Mascot. A guide to […]

A great opportunity to help your super fund

25 August 2017

In Group D? By now you should have received a letter from us about the call for nominations for a Director from Group D. Members in this group are Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers; Transport Workers; Technical Salaried Employees and Airline Officers’ Award Levels 1 – 4; and Nurses. The current Group D Director is Kash […]

Every little bit counts

25 August 2017

To make a one-off payment Simply BPay® the amount from your bank account into your Qantas Super account. The BPAY® number is 216481. Call us on 1300 362 967 for your own BPAY® customer reference number. For Qantas employees You can put money away regularly Fill out the superannuation contribution authority form on the Terminal […]

Investment returns take off in FY2017

09 August 2017

Financial year 2017 was a good year for Qantas Super members, with your fund delivering strong returns across the board. The Qantas Super headlines For super accounts, the Aggressive, Growth and Balanced investment options delivered strong returns for the year, returning 10.9%, 9.3% and 7.1% respectively – their strongest performance in three years. On the […]

Need financial advice? Pay for it from your super

27 June 2017

Sometimes we all need a little help with working out what’s right for us financially. That’s where financial advice comes in. But have you ever hesitated to see a financial adviser because of the cost? If you don’t have the funds to pay upfront, you can pay for financial advice about your Qantas Super account […]

Top three tips for the new financial year

27 June 2017

There’s a saying: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” It’s the new financial year, so it’s a great opportunity to check where you’re going with your super. Here are three top tips to get you started. 1. Is your investment option right for you? At Qantas Super we […]

Qantas Super members star in new ad

27 June 2017

Five Qantas Super members and the Qantas Super CEO have featured in an ad. Qantas Super, which is part of the Qantas Group, employs Mercer Outsourcing (Australia) to carry out activities such as managing our call centre and administering member accounts. Mercer recently asked us to take part in their new ad series which describes […]

Bring your super home to Qantas Super

25 May 2017

Lost track of your super? Think you might have some other super floating around out there? Or don’t even know if you have any other super? We can help you find it, so you can bring your super home to Qantas Super. To do this, open the email we sent you earlier this week, copy […]

What could the latest Federal Budget announcements mean for you?

10 May 2017

Last night the Federal Government handed down its 2017/18 Budget. The Federal Budget is the most important policy announcement of the Government’s fiscal agenda and contains a broad range of revenue, expense and investing activities. To help you we’ve gone through the Budget in detail, and compiled key super-related information into three themes: Super, retirement […]

It’s survey time – tell us what you think

28 April 2017

As a Qantas Super member, your feedback is very important to us so we’re asking you to taking part in a very brief survey. By now you should have received an email containing a link to a survey. It’s a personalised link so it will only work for you – however, your responses can be […]