Member seminars

It’s important to understand how superannuation works, how tax applies to super, and how to make super work for you.

At Qantas Super, we offer you access to free education seminars to help you better understand superannuation. These seminars cover basic introduction to super, as well as

We also hold pop-up information booths at various locations across Australia to give you the chance to come up and ask a general question, or pick up a form or fact sheet.  It’s a quick way to access information you may find handy.

Free seminars for members

We offer the following seminars. Scroll down to see the current schedule for 2017. If you’re interested in attending one of the seminars below, please send an email to (Shr Qantas Super Events) so we can register you.

At this stage, most are scheduled for Mascot campus at Sydney. We do hold seminars in other locations from time to time when we have sufficient numbers. If you’d like a seminar at your location, please send an email to (Shr Qantas Super Events) – we’ll add you to the list for your location and will let you know when the next seminar will be held.

Women and super

Did you know about 90% of women will retire with inadequate savings to fund a comfortable lifestyle? This mini-seminar is designed to explain why so many women miss out on super, and to provide some suggestions to improve retirement savings. Time: 30 minutes.

Watch the online video of this seminar or read the video transcript.

Planning the retirement you want

This gives you an insight into how much you may need, growth strategies, income streams in retirement and estate planning. It’s particularly relevant to members who are aged 50-plus. Time: 60 minutes.

Grow your wealth

This seminar looks at key strategies to generate wealth and protect your savings. It’s most relevant to members aged 20-50. Time: 60 minutes.

Super 101 – Making the most of your super

This gives you basic information about super – what it means and how to use it. Time: 30 minutes.

Watch the online video of this seminar or read the video transcript. (Note the transcript is 5MB.)

I have insurance in my super? Who knew?!

This seminar discusses the types of insurance that is included in super, how you’re covered if you’re permanently injured (or in some cases, temporarily unable to work), and how to make a claim when you need it. It also covers the free medical advice service, Best Doctors. Time: 30 minutes.


Seminar schedule for 2017
Sydney – Mascot campus Planning the retirement you want 08/02/17 12.30pm-1.30pm
 Planning the retirement you want 15/06/17 9.30am-10.30am
 Planning the retirement you want 09/11/17 1pm-2pm
Grow your wealth 12/05/17 11.30am-12.30pm
 Grow your wealth 15/08/17 9.30am-10.30am
Sydney – International terminal Planning the retirement you want 22/03/17 11am-12pm
 Sydney – Domestic terminal  Planning the retirement you want 28/04/17 10am-11am
Planning the retirement you want 14/09/17 2.30pm-3.30pm


Pop-up booths

Here’s the schedule for pop-up information booths in 2017.

Pop-up information booth schedule for 2017
Melbourne 17/01/17 Time tbc
09/06/17 Time tbc
15/11/17 Time tbc
Hobart 03/02/17 10am – 5pm
09/08/17 10am – 5pm
Perth 13/04/17 8am – 4pm
10/11/17 8am – 4pm
Brisbane 14/2/17 9am – 4pm
06/09/17 9am – 4pm
Sydney DTB 24/01/17 Time tbc
22/03/17 Time tbc
24/05/17 Time tbc
26/07/17 Time tbc
Sydney ITB  22/02/17
Sydney – Mascot campus  Mondays in The Street 9.30am – 10.30am