Seminars and info booths

Free education for members

At Qantas Super, we offer you access to free education seminars and information booths to help you better understand superannuation. The info booths are held at various locations across Australia.


The 2018 schedule will be released shortly to members. If you have a specific request in the meantime, please email us.

Our program

We run a range of seminars tailored to the different needs of our members. Here are some or our seminar themes:

Women and super: Did you know about 90% of women will retire with inadequate savings to fund a comfortable lifestyle? This seminar is designed to explain why so many women miss out on super, and to provide some suggestions to improve retirement savings. Duration: 30 minutes.

Planning the retirement you want: Get some insight into how much super you may need to retire comfortably, growth strategies and estate planning. This seminar is particularly relevant to members aged 50-plus. Duration: 60 minutes.

Grow your wealth: This seminar looks at strategies to generate wealth and protect your savings. It’s most relevant to members aged 20-50. Duration: 60 minutes.

Making the most of your super: This seminar provides you with all the basics you need to know about super – what it means and how to use it. Duration: 30 minutes.

I have insurance in my super? Who knew?!: This seminar discusses the types of insurance included in super, how you’re covered if you’re permanently injured or temporarily unable to work and how to make a claim when you need it. Duration: 30 minutes.

Info booths and virtual reality experience

Stop by our pop-up information booth for a chat if you need information about your super. You can also try the Qantas Super virtual reality gameshow, ‘Retire Right’, to show you how super can play a role in your life after work. Here’s when we’ll be near you:

  • Brisbane Domestic Airport: 20 March (customer service), 21 March (engineering), 22 March (ground operations), 11 September (customer service), 12 September (fleet), 4 December (customer service), 5 December (fleet)
  • Perth Domestic Airport: 16 May (customer service), 17 May (cabin crew), 18 May (ground operations), 31 October (customer service), 1 November (cabin crew), 2 November (ground operations)
  • Melbourne Airport: 29 May (cabin crew), 30 May (customer service), 31 May (fleet), 27 August (cabin crew), 28 August (customer service), 29 August May (fleet), 3 October (cabin crew), 4 October (customer service), 5 October (fleet)
  • Sydney Catering: 28 June, 21 August
  • Sydney Domestic: 23 April (cabin crew), 24 April (fleet), 13 June (cabin crew), 14 June (fleet), 18 September (cabin crew), 19 September (fleet), 6 November (cabin crew), 7 November (fleet)
  • Sydney Freight (domestic airport): 22 May, 25 September
  • Sydney International: 1 May (cabin crew), 2 May (customer service), 19 June (cabin crew), 20 June (customer service), 4 September (cabin crew), 5 September (customer service), 9 October (cabin crew), 10 October (customer service), 20 November (cabin crew), 21 November (customer service)
  • Sydney Jetbase (info booth only): 9 April, 7 May