Investment updates

In this series of videos, Chief Investment Officer Andrew Spence discusses various topical issues in relation to investment markets and how Qantas Super is performing.

Q3 FY 2017

CIO Andrew Spence discusses movements in the investment markets around the world during Q3 FY 2017

Q2 FY 2017

CIO, Andrew Spence discusses social disruption, and what it means for investment markets. He also talks about the last quarter of 2016, and how Qantas Super performed.

Q1 FY 2017

CIO Andrew Spence discusses 2015/2016, and Q1 2017.

Super Coach

How do you plan for your future? What are some things that may be useful to know? Watch these ‘Super Coach’ videos to help you plan your financial future.

Super Coach: Financial wellbeing

Financial adviser Karoline Besser talks about the importance of maintaining your financial wellbeing, and what you may need to consider.

Super Coach: How to make a budget!

In this video, financial adviser Karoline Besser explains the role of a budget in improving your financial wellbeing.


Most of our members have insurance that’s built into their superannuation. Watch these videos to learn more.


Tackles the question of ‘What if?’ and how insurance can support you in difficult times.

Best Doctors

This video explains the medical advice service, Best Doctors, and how to use it.


We know it can be hard to get to seminars so we’ve pulled together webinars on key topics.

Women and super

This video explains why so many women miss out on super, and provides suggestions that may improve retirement savings.

Super 101

This video gives you basic information about super – what it means and how to use it.