We’ve completed our first transition of members to their next investment stage in Glidepath. As a result of analysis that showed the average age of members in the 1950-1954 age group had reached 64, the investment stage for this group changed from Cruising to Destination, effective 22 February 2017.

What does this mean?

Glidepath is an investment option in Qantas Super. It’s been designed by Qantas Super to meet the needs of our members today and into the future by aligning the investment time horizon of members with the return and risk profile of how they’re invested. It’s structured to provide members with a greater exposure to growth assets when they’re younger and then to automatically, and gradually, increase the exposure to defensive assets as retirement nears. As you can see in figure 1 below, Glidepath has four investment stages: Take-Off, Altitude, Cruising and Destination, and each has a different mix of growth and defensive assets. When members first invest in Glidepath, they’re allocated to an age group based on their year of birth, and that group is invested in one of the four investment stages. Scroll down to figure 2 to see the investment stages by age group, and figure 3 shows how age groups move through Glidepath’s investment stages. When the average age of a group reaches a certain age, we move them to the next investment stage within Glidepath (see figure 1) to increase their exposure to defensive assets. It’s all automatic – we do the work for you.

Figure 1

I’m in the 1950-1954 age group. Do I have to do anything?

No, it’s all done for you. You will shortly receive a letter from us confirming this change.

If I don’t want to move into the next investment stage, can I choose not to?

You can’t choose a different investment stage in Glidepath, but you can choose to move some or all of your super balance to other investment options in Qantas Super at any time. You can change your investment option by logging into your account.

Figure 2: Glidepath investment stages by age group

Your age group
(based on year of birth)
Investment stage your age group invests in
(as at 22 February 2017)
2000 – 2004
1995 – 1999
1990 – 1994
1985 – 1989
1980 – 1984
1975 – 1979
1970 – 1974
Take Off
1965 – 1969
1960 – 1964
1955 – 1959 Cruising
1950 – 1954

Figure 3: How age groups move through investment stages

If you’re invested in.. You move to the next investment stage when the average age of your age group is…
Take-Off 45 years
Altitude 55 years
Cruising 64 years
Destination Not applicable. You will remain in this investment stage for the remainder of your time in the Glidepath investment option

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to a licensed financial adviser, please call us.