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From our families to how we grew up, the work we do, and experiences we’ve had, lots of different things shape our attitudes to money and how we spend it. In this new series, Money Diaries, we’re asking Qantas Super members to share their money story with us, and let us in on what their relationship with money looks like.

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My money diary: 31, renting and paying off a mortgage

Monthly expenses
  • Rent/Mortgage: I live in Mascot so my rent is $385 a week, or $1540 monthly. An additional $400 a month goes into my mortgage
  • Subscriptions:
    • TV streaming subscriptions: I steal my parents’ subscriptions, so $0
    • Music streaming subscriptions:I’m signed up to a $12.99/month plan
    • Gym: $56 – I need to go more often but the gym I goes to have great classes
  • Phone: $60/month
  • Internet: I halve the bill with my sister, so I pay $40/month.
  • Cleaner: My housemate and I agreed to have a cleaner come in fortnightly, so we each pay $75 a month
  • Transport: I put $40/month on my Opal card. I walk to work so I only use the train when I’m going to the city
  • Other monthly expenses: I salary sacrifice $200 per month to my super
Weekly expenses
  • Food and drink: $168.50
  • Entertainment: $0
  • Home and health: $0
  • Clothes and beauty: $60
  • Transport: $40
Who, or what experiences, have shaped your attitude to money?

My attitude towards money has been shaped by my parents. They came to Australia when I was young, so they were always careful with money. They never bought things they couldn’t afford, but if they could, they bought nice things – they definitely believe in quality over quantity.

What are the most satisfying things you’ve spent your money on?

I have a mortgage, so my house is my big ticket item. But I also bought a Murano glass set when I was 21 which I absolutely love. At the time though it was horrendously expensive.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

I have a good relationship with money. I pay attention to what I spend, so I don’t feel like I can’t buy nice things, but at the same time I also don’t tend to spend on things I don’t need.

I do a rough budget each year just to make sure I don’t overspend, or at least I know how much I can spend on “fun” things like holidays.

What are you currently saving up for?

My next holiday – that’s what I’m always saving for. Any spare money I have goes into my travel fund – and gets spent every year.

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