Why you should talk super with your Valentine

Whether you go all out on Valentine’s Day or not, the time around February 14 can be the perfect occasion to talk super with your partner.

How to stay cyber safe

Protect yourself, your information and your computer by learning how to identify phishing scams.

Investment insights: March 2020 quarter

While falls in share markets globally dominated the headlines, a range of so-called “safe haven” assets, such as government bonds and high quality credit investments, performed well over the March 2020 quarter.

Investment insights: December quarter

Both the Australian and global share markets, along with private equity and timberland, performed particularly well through the December quarter.

Investment insights: September quarter

Each of Qantas Super’s investment options performed well in the September quarter. According to Qantas Super investment manager Chris Grogan, bonds and ‘real’ assets including property infrastructure, agriculture, and timber performed well through this period.

What is a good investment return for your super?

Put simply, a return is the money made on an investment over a particular period of time, or how much you get back on top of what you put in. An investor will generally put money into an investment because they expect some kind of return; that’s where we get the term ‘return on investment’ from.

The 10 postcodes with the most lost and unclaimed super

The amount of lost and unclaimed super across Australia grew from $17.5 billion to $20.8 billion over the 2018/19 financial year, according to new data released by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This sum includes money spread across long-forgotten super accounts, and small balances that have been transferred by super funds to the ATO.

Welcoming Ryan Greaves to the Qantas Super Board

Like many other Qantas staff, Ryan Greaves has spent his entire career at the company. Having joined as an apprentice engineer in 2008, he then became a tradesperson in 2011, based in Brisbane Hangar 3.

Australia’s pension system is ranked third globally

Receiving a grade of B+, Australia ranks behind only the Netherlands and Denmark in the 2019 Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. According to the Index, the B+ denotes a system that “has a sound structure, with many good features”, with some areas for improvement.

New Director elected to the Board

Ryan Greaves, an aircraft maintenance engineer based in Brisbane, has been elected to the Qantas Super Trustee Board, representing Group C.

Qantas Super CSBA Retirement Confidence Index: August 2019

While an improvement over the previous Retirement Confidence Index (RCI), the August 2019 score of 5.4 out of 10 shows many Australians still lack confidence that they will have enough money for a comfortable retirement.

How to prepare your super for the new financial year

With our thoughts turning to tax returns, now could be a good time to consider putting together a plan for your super for the new financial year.