Qantas Super partners with MetLife

We’re pleased to welcome leading global insurance provider MetLife as our insurer from 1 July 2020.

Changes to asset allocation ranges

Learn more about the change to asset allocation ranges for our investment options.

Less wealthy Australians lack confidence in retirement

New research shows Australians of lower personal wealth have low confidence in having enough money for a comfortable retirement, with many seeking more information and regular updates about their super.

Investing your super when the market’s down

You’ve probably heard it dozens of times already, and you’ll hear it dozens more: super is a long term investment, and volatility is a normal part of investing for the long term.

Market volatility and your super

It’s human nature to feel unsettled when there’s significant volatility in global financial markets, as we’re experiencing now as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, volatility is a normal part of investing for the long-term. This article explains why.

Looking beyond the headlines on coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s important to remember that while newspapers and television news trade in headlines day-by-day (if not hour-by-hour) to garner clicks and viewers, investment markets operate on a long-term basis.

New Director elected to the Board

Maria Cheung has been elected to the Qantas Super Trustee Board, representing Group E.

Welcoming Maria Cheung to the Board

From her first job in aviation in Hong Kong to her current role as the Head of Service Delivery and Operations at Qantas Loyalty, customer experience has always been at the heart of what Maria Cheung does.

Farewelling Hendrik van Calcar from the Board

As the former Head of Group Finance, Planning, and Analysis at Qantas, Hendrik van Calcar was always interested in learning more about Qantas Super and the work it does.

How 10 women have taken control of their super

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the contributions of the women in the Qantas Super team and looking at how they’ve taken control of their super.

The 10 postcodes with the highest average super balances

Your parents probably taught you that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, but sometimes it can be fun to look at what others are up to – particularly when it comes to money.