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Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of investing or managing $8.5 billion on behalf of members, diversifying your investments is key.

At Qantas Super, we focus on being well diversified by building portfolios with investments that complement each other. That means your super is invested across over 5,000 investments such as shares, property, infrastructure, timberland, agriculture, a variety of bonds, and cash.

Take a look at a couple of the things we’ve invested in:


SiteMinder is an open hotel commerce platform. Founded in Sydney in 2006, the company’s software allows hotels of all sizes to create an online presence and manage bookings.

The company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in November 2021 following an oversubscribed initial public offering (IPO) of $627 million.

The company counts more than 32,000 hotels across 150 countries as its customers, with its platform available in eight languages. In the year prior to the pandemic, SiteMinder helped generate more than 100 million reservations worth over US$35 billion in revenue for its customers.

SiteMinder remains headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Bangkok, Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London and Manila. It has almost 900 staff across 20 countries.

Qantas Super invested in SiteMinder in January 2020 (ie prior to its listing on the stock exchange) via a dedicated pre-IPO portfolio, held in our Private Equity portfolio within Equities.

IMEIK Technology Development Co

IMEIK Technology Development Co (IMEIK) is a leading Chinese producer of injectable hyaluronic acid products for aesthetic medical application – think anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, and other skincare products.

Launched in 2004, IMEIK is now the largest provider of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers in China in terms of sales volume in 2020, with market share of 27.2 percent.

Qantas Super invested in IMEIK as part of the Private Equity portfolio within Equities.

Real Estate Opportunistic Debt Fund (Benefit Street Partners)

Qantas Super has invested in a real estate opportunistic debt fund via investment manager Benefit Street Partners (BSP).

The manager lends to real estate in the United States, from offices to hotels, retail space, and multi-family residential property. These loans are then essentially packaged up and sold in tranches to other parties through what’s called a collateralised loan obligation. Each tranche sold to investors may also have a different risk and return profile.

If you’re thinking that sounds a bit like The Big Short, Qantas Super investment manager Chris Grogan explained that, rather than distressed assets, BSP is looking for quality real estate investments. Quality real estate investments mean they are not highly leveraged – that is, there’s not too much debt versus equity – are in markets with strong or growing demand for tenants or residents, and where loans have strong lender protections, known as covenants.

“Unlike equity, there’s no upside with debt; there’s only downside in that you either get your money back, or you don’t. Therefore, the skill a lender needs is to ensure they’re picking assets to lend to that aren’t at risk of not being repaid.”

“The risk of a loss is low, as Benefit Street Partners is a skilled real estate lender and they are controlling what the underlying collateral is on Qantas Super’s behalf,” Chris explained.

Qantas Super’s investment in Benefit Street Partners Real Estate Opportunistic Debt Fund is held within the Fixed Interest portfolio.

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