There’s been lots of coverage about share market performance in the past few days. These movements are a normal part of investing for the long-term. You may find this information useful.

  • Investment returns have been relatively strong for an extended period of time. This is reflected in the excellent returns we’ve generated for members – over the past 12 months, for example, a number of our investment options (Growth, Altitude, Aggressive, and Take-Off) have delivered double digit returns.
  • It can be unsettling to see the recent sell-off in global financial markets.  However, this is a normal and ultimately healthy part of investing for the long-term.
  • It’s important to ensure you’re invested in an investment option that suits your individual risk preferences.

Our approach to investing your super

  • We apply a ‘safety first’ approach to investing. We focus on investing for the long term and choose high quality, value for money investments. It’s an approach that takes into account the risks and the rewards
  • We invest carefully and thoughtfully with the help of high quality investment managers
  • Our investment team deliberately chooses a range of investments that represent good value for money for members
  • Your super is not just invested in the share market.  It’s well-diversified and invested across a broad range of investments such as property, infrastructure, timberland, agriculture, a variety of bonds, and cash. Having money spread across these different types of investments is designed to smooth the ups and downs that may be experienced by any one investment type
  • Superannuation is a long-term investment and our investment options are designed to reflect that

If you’d like more information about your super and what investment option you’re in, please call us.