Our investment beliefs in action

Renewable energy: Harnessing wind, sun and water

As the world moves away from old style energy like coal – renewable energy – like wind and solar farms, and hydro generators become an important part of today’s energy supply mix.

The combination of technology improvements, cost reductions, and growing support from the community, have also made renewable energy assets an attractive investment opportunity.

Qantas Super has been a relatively early mover in this area, and our forward-thinking has been creating value for members.

As members of Qantas Super, through our investment strategy – you currently own a share of the Waterloo Wind Farm in Clare, South Australia. We bought into this investment back in 2013 through our Australian infrastructure manager, Palisade.

Waterloo has generated strong returns since we made that investment.

We’ve also been an early adopter in the Asian Renewable Energy space when we backed a relatively new specialist manager in 2012. This has been a great success story for us and Equis. They are now Asia’s largest independent renewable energy developer and investor. They power over 4.5 million homes every year, with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of over 4.7 million tonnes annually. To put that into context, it’s equivalent to almost 1 million cars being taken off the road!

Since we began building our Asian renewable energy portfolio back in 2012, we’ve achieved returns of more than 20% p.a. for our members and this strong investment performance seems on track to continue.

Renewable energy is just one area where we at Qantas Super are endeavouring to deliver attractive and sustainable long-term returns to you. We look forward to regularly sharing other examples of our focus on environmental, social, and governance initiatives through these investment updates.