Consolidating your super

If you’ve had more than one job, it’s more than likely you may have more than one super account. Having more than one super account usually means paying multiple sets of fees and charges, extra paperwork, and greater difficulty in keeping track of your super.

To rollover other super into your Qantas Super account, simply lodge a rollover request by logging into your account online and we’ll arrange it with your other super fund. Or complete the relevant form and return it to us. (Note: Tax may apply to rollovers from some Government super funds. Please read the disclosure material relevant to your division).

Before you close your old super accounts, we recommend you check with your other super funds if there are any fees or charges payable upon exit. You should also consider your insurance needs. If you have insurance cover with the other fund, closing your old account will generally cancel any cover held with that account.

Please note: There are no fees charged by Qantas Super to transfer super into your Qantas Super account.

If you need a Letter of Compliance for your old fund, click here.

Once the rollover has been received from your old fund, we will send you a letter confirming the rollover has been added to your Qantas Super account.