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Terms & Conditions

This website has been prepared to provide information to help you understand the Qantas Superannuation Plan. The information is not intended to constitute financial product advice – general advice or personal advice. Nor can it take the place of such advice from a financial adviser briefed on all your relevant individual financial circumstances.

If any of your personal details are incorrect, please contact the Plan and advise them of any changes.

The Financial Services Reform Act (or FSR) came into full effect on 11 March 2004. The FSR was introduced by the Government with the aim of providing more protection and disclosure to members who invest in financial products such as superannuation. Qantas Superannuation Limited ABN 47 003 806 960/AFSL 288330 (“the Trustee”) is not licensed to provide financial advice or personal advice on investments such as superannuation. On 5 July 2005, the Trustee became licensed to provide general superannuation product advice and will continue to take responsibility for the administration of the Plan and provide a variety of information to members through publications like the annual report and annual statement, the website, and in response to queries from individuals.

Some of the information provided on the site is based on legislative or other regulatory information current at a certain date (e.g. tax rates). The regulatory environment is constantly changing. Every effort is made to keep the site up-to-date, but from time to time it will not be possible to precisely track legislative and other changes. Members are asked to keep this in mind when considering information on the site. Our recommendation is that you consult with your financial adviser when you want to rely on the information.

The Trustee gives no warranty of reliability or accuracy and accepts no responsibility arising in any way (including through negligence) for errors or omissions contained herein.

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