Moving into another stage of life can be both exciting and challenging at the same time.

The good news is that whether you’re leaving Qantas for another role, or embarking on a new adventure in your life after work, you and your family can remain members of the Qantas Super family.

And that means you have access to the following member benefits.What’s this about?  You can stay with Qantas Super even if you stop working for the Qantas Group. You can get access to the suite of member benefits. Your super will transfer into Qantas Super’s Gateway division. Call us with any questions

Leaving Qantas, but still working

Once you stop working for the Qantas Group, you’ll automatically become a retained member of Qantas Super’s Gateway Division. You can stay with Qantas Super for as long as you want (with a balance of at least $5,000).

While your new employer’s contributions can’t directly be paid into your account, you can continue to add to your Qantas Super savings by bringing your other super balance across whenever you like.

Retiring or cutting down?

If you’re ready to cut down your hours, or stop working altogether and kick-off your life after work, it’s not the end of your journey with Qantas Super.

Our Income Account can give you access to regular income as your transition towards, or enter your life after work. It can also help you reduce your tax burden, making it the smart option for most members.