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Starting your journey

Super designed for you

If you’re new to Qantas, or are just thinking about joining us, everything you need to do and know, is here.

It’s simple to join, or if you’re already a member, to do some simple stuff now that will make all the difference later.

Simple steps to help you get started

What to look for in your new super fund

Starting a new job is an exciting time, full of new things to see and do: there are new processes to learn, new colleagues to befriend and, potentially, a new super fund to choose.

The benefits of combining your super

While some people intentionally maintain multiple accounts for various reasons – they may receive better insurance cover through a particular account, for example – the ATO states that most people are unaware they have multiple accounts.

How to choose your investment option

Super is far from set-and-forget. You can still play an active role in how your super grows through something called investment choice.

How to start taking advantage of your super

There’s actually a lot you can do with your super before you retire – and the day you open an account in your new super fund is the perfect time to start making the most of it.

What's the point of Super Advice?

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, you’re winding down at work, or you’ve already set out on your retirement adventures, there’s never a bad time to seek advice.

Learning Hub

Ready to learn more? Our Learning Hub has the answers to your super questions, helping you understand your super and the simple steps you can take to stay in control.


Prefer to watch and learn? That’s what our quick explainer videos are for.

What is super and why is it important?

Super is your money – almost one dollar in every 10 that you earn is being invested on your behalf, so you can enjoy your retirement.

How to find and combine lost super

If you’ve had other jobs before joining Qantas Group, there’s a good chance a slice of the $20.8 billion lost and unclaimed super pie is yours.

How to invest your super

The investment options you choose to put your super in play a big role in how your super grows.

What is a beneficiary?

Your super can also create security for those you leave behind after you die, providing it goes to the right people – these are your beneficiaries.

Calculators and tools

Got big dreams for retirement? Our calculators can help you work out how much super you could have it retirement and how long it will last. You can create and compare different scenarios by adjusting your super contributions, investment returns, retirement date and more.

How we're performing

There’s nothing better than seeing the money you’ve invested in super grow over time. Take a look at what our investment options have returned for a specific period, and how we’ve performed against the objectives we’ve set for each investment option.

All the news that's fit to print

With more than $3 trillion in the superannuation system, it’s no wonder super is always in the news. From the latest Government changes to what’s happening at Qantas Super, we help can get you up to speed.

We're here to help

Speak to a Super Adviser

You can get face-to-face advice from a Super Adviser at a time and location that suits you. Just 30 minutes of your day could set you up for life.

Learn online

Our Learning Hub can answer some of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, helping you understand your super and the simple steps you can take to stay in control.

Attend a seminar

Our seminars and webinars are designed to help if you just want to understand the basics, are looking to grow and secure your money, or find out what your super insurance can do for you when you need it most.

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