Qantas Super started the new financial year on a high, with positive performance for members across all investment options.

Performance highlights

The three months to September topped off a great year for your super, with all options once again beating their return objectives over the last 12 months.

Quarterly and annual returns to 30 September 2018 (super accounts)
  • Annual return
  • Quarterly return

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

The results were especially good after taking risk into account – which means we were able to create strong returns without cutting corners. This safety first approach is an important pillar of the investment philosophy that has delivered positive results for members’ money through all of the ups and downs of the last 10 years.

How we achieved these results

Investing across a range of asset classes

If you’re a keen investor, you probably know that diversification – spreading your money across different investment types – is the single best tool for managing risk and smoothing out returns. That’s why we build your super portfolio from a diverse range of assets, including investments like private equity, infrastructure, commercial property, agriculture and timberland that can be hard to access successfully as a private investor.

This quarter, global shares and private equity were our best performing asset classes, returning 6.0% and 5.5% respectively, in just three months.

Making quality choices

We’re very selective about the investments we choose for our members – and the ones we avoid. We focus on quality investments with all the features for lasting success. For example, we look for companies that have high margins and low debt, because they’re in the best position to survive a downturn and beat the competition over the long-term.

Thinking long-term

Successful investing is about setting the right course for the future, staying calm during the market’s ups and downs, and taking advantage of the opportunities they bring.

Members saw the benefits of that approach this quarter, with notable results from private equity investments that have been years in the making – results we expect to continue.

Braced and ready for turbulence

Market watchers will know that things have become rockier since the end of September, with some noticeable ups and downs on local and global share markets. However, it’s important to put those fluctuations in perspective. History shows that a drop of 5%–10% is not uncommon, especially in a market that has risen so far and so quickly. Rest assured that we’re braced for any further turbulence, with a long-term strategy designed to deliver strong returns across the investment cycle.

Latest investment news

Quitting investment in tobacco

Qantas Super is no longer investing in tobacco manufacturing. We are currently selling the small holdings we own.

A tidy $200m for our members

Qantas Super has reaped a whopping $200 million from the recent historic sale of the Asian renewable energy company, Equis. This money will all go into your super – you’ll see it through higher investment returns.

Change to Cash investment option

From 4 April 2018, the Cash investment option will be invested solely into a bank account with ANZ Bank – meaning a slightly higher rate of return compared to historical returns generated by the Cash investment option.

Members move through Glidepath stage

Two groups of members who are invested in Glidepath have moved to their next investment stage. This move between stages takes place when the average age of a membership group reaches a certain age.

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