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Qantas Super was built from the ground up to suit the unique needs of the Qantas employees, which means we understand the services and benefits you need to look forward.

One of our great benefits is 360Health Virtual Care, a service offered through our insurer, MetLife.

MetLife 360Health offers you and your family1 access to professional medical services. Awarded Best Overall Health and Wellbeing Program 20232, 360Health services are provided virtually and include mental health support, expert medical opinion, nutrition support, fitness and recovery support, and online access to quick and easy support from mental health clinicians, general practitioners (GP) and paediatricians for general questions. These services are provided at no extra cost and are designed for convenient access to meet you and your family’s1 health needs.

1The term ‘family’ consists of your children, partner, parents and parents in-law.

2Plan For Life’s Excellence Award – Best Overall Health and Wellness Program 2023.

What help does 360Health Virtual Care provide?

360Health Virtual Care offers a range of services including:

  • Expert Medical Opinion: can provide you with an in-depth review of your medical condition by virtual connection to a network of local and international experts to ensure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Mental Health Assist: provides timely virtual access to leading psychologists and psychiatrists in Australia, to navigate the often complex mental health system and ensure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Nutrition Consult: book a consultation with accredited practising dietitians
  • Fitness and Mobility: provides virtual access to accredited exercise physiologists, to help with your fitness and/or mobility.
  • Ask a Clinician: submit questions via the mobile app to the 360Health panel of general practitioners (GPs), paediatricians and mental health nurses, and receive responses with 24 hours.

Who can access the service?

Any Qantas Group employee and their immediate family can access 360Health Virtual Care at no additional cost. That means you do not need to be a Qantas Super member, or hold insurance through Qantas Super, in order to use the service.

This is a great benefit Qantas Super is providing all Qantas Group employees through its partnership with MetLife.

How to access 360Health Virtual Care

You can access the service:

To use 360Health Virtual Care for the first time, you will need the access code: QANT

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360Health Virtual Care is a service provided by Teladoc Health. Teladoc Health is a separate and independent entity to MetLife, and MetLife will not be responsible for the nature or quality of services provided by Teladoc Health. Access to these services will be at MetLife’s reasonable discretion and is eligible for all eligible clients who have received a specific code to activate the service. MetLife reserves the right to reasonably discontinue or change the services at any time.

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