A little bit about us

We’re here to help you work towards an extraordinary life after work.

For many of you, life after work seems a long way off. For others, it’s excitingly close. We know that you’re all different, and yet you share some common needs and goals. The need to feel secure in your financial future, to know that your super savings are being managed in your best interests.

That’s where we come in.

Built for you, run by you

Qantas Super is a not for profit fund run for members, by members. We manage around $7 billion in savings on behalf of almost 32,000 Qantas employees and their families. Whether you’re a pilot, cabin crew, on the ground or in corporate, we work with you and for you to grow and protect your super savings.

Our aim is to help you look forward to your life after work, be clear in what your super savings can achieve for you and how to make that happen.

We don’t profit from our members, because we don’t use your super savings to pay commissions or keep shareholders happy. All our profits go back to you.

Members who are current Qantas employees have a say in who runs Qantas Super by electing directors to represent them on the Qantas Super Board.  The majority of our directors are Qantas employees, so they understand you and the airline business.

How we look after your money

It’s all about you.

We know your superannuation is your money, so we take a ‘safety first’ approach when it comes to investing. We focus on investing for the long term and choose high quality, value for money investments. It’s an approach that takes into account the risks and the rewards.

We then create investment options for you to choose based on your personal risk profile – the level of risk you’re prepared to take. This way we help you weather market ups and downs in the best way possible to meet your retirement goals.


More on how we look after your money

We focus on investing for the long term and take a safety first approach to investing your hard earned money

We’re proud of the solid returns we’ve delivered members over the years

Learn about the range of investment options available to you