Information on managing and accessing your super through COVID-19

For many of our members, super can be overwhelming, or just seem a long way off.

It just doesn’t seem that important, or something to dedicate time to. But we want to help change that by answering some of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, helping you understand your super and the simple steps you can take to stay in control.


Our webinars are designed to help if you just want to understand the basics, are looking to grow and secure your money, or find out what your super insurance can do for you when you need it most. You might just have started out in your working life, or maybe it’s time to start planning for later. Either way, we can help you.

Please note that, in light of recent events, we have moved to presenting webinars via video conference. We are doing this using Microsoft Teams, which you can download by following the instructions here. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Planning the retirement you want

This seminar gives you an insight into how much you may need, growth strategies, income streams in retirement, and estate planning. It’s most relevant to members who are aged 50-plus. The seminar covers:

  • How to plan for your dream retirement
  • How much super you will need
  • How much you can contribute
  • Understanding the Age Pension
  • Estate planning
About Division 2

This seminar gives you an insight about Division 2.

This seminar may not be relevant to former members of Australian Airlines. If you have questions about your super, you can give our helpline a call on 1300 362 967.

The seminar covers:

  • The difference between defined benefit and accumulation​
  • The history of Division 2​
  • How your benefit is calculated​
  • Fees, contributions and insurance​
  • Entering a new phase of super at age 55 or 60
About Division 3

This seminar gives you an insight about Division 3. It covers:

  • The difference between defined benefit and accumulation​
  • The history of Division 3​
  • How your benefit is calculated​
  • Fees, contributions and insurance​
  • Entering a new phase of super at age 65
About Division 2 (for ex-Australian Airlines)

This seminar gives you an insight into Division 2.

It will only be relevant if an Australian Airlines benefit guarantee applies to you (check this on your latest statement).

The seminar covers:

  • The difference between defined benefit and accumulation​
  • The history of Division 2​
  • How your benefit is calculated​
  • Fees, contributions and insurance​

Online learning

The basics of super

What is super?

Super is simply a way of saving for your future.

What is a defined benefit super fund?

A defined benefit fund is a super fund where the benefits are calculated by a predetermined formula.

What is salary sacrificing?

Salary sacrificing is when an employee agrees to give up part of their salary or wages in return for benefits of a similar value.

What are co-contributions?

The super co-contribution is a tax-free bonus from the government to help people on low to middle incomes boost their super.

Tips to help women boost their super

Rising divorce rates, widowhood, and greater female longevity mean that women need to plan independently for their retirement.

How to take control of your super

The sooner you take an interest in your super, the greater the reward when you finish working.

How to build good money habits

Do you often find you’ve got too much month left at the end of your money? The best way to get your spending under control is to create a budget.

What separation and divorce can mean for your super

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) tells us that one in every three marriages in Australia ends in divorce.

Tax on super

To help you save for your retirement, the Federal Government provides a range of tax concessions.

What moving to part-time means for your super

There may be times in your life when you move to part-time work, whether it’s to slow down, live a little, or care for someone – a child or a parent. It’s a big decision for various reasons.

When you take leave without pay

Sometimes life throws us exciting opportunities that are hard to turn down, like an internal transfer overseas or further study. If you decide to take leave without pay, the arrangements with your super may change.

Investing your super

The basics of super investments

Whether you’re just starting out or nearing retirement, it’s important to take an interest and make your super investment work for you.

Understanding risk and diversification

Investment risk is the chance that the value of an investment will drop. All investments have risks.

The role of financial planning

Good financial advice can help you set goals and make confident and informed financial decisions, now and in the future.

How long do investment option changes take?

Thinking about changing how your super is invested? It’s important to understand the process and timing for investment option changes.

Insurance through super

What is insurance through super?

Our ability to earn an income is often the last thing we insure, even though it’s the most fundamental asset we have.

How offsets apply to insurance cover

For members in Gateway and Divisions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10.

Insurance benefits for members in Divisions 1, 2, and 3

Qantas Super provides eligible members with flexible insurance options.

Accessing your super

When you can access your super

Superannuation law restricts your access to super until you retire or meet certain conditions. This restriction is called ‘preservation’.

Accessing your super on compassionate grounds

In very specific circumstances, you can apply to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to have your benefit, or part of your benefit, released on compassionate grounds.

Accessing your super due to severe financial hardship

There are some circumstances when you may be allowed to access your super before reaching your preservation age, including severe financial hardship.

Early release of super for members impacted by coronavirus

If your employment or work hours have been impacted by coronavirus you can apply to access up to $10,000 of your super in 2019-20 and a further $10,000 in 2020-21.

Preparing for retirement

The basics of retirement

It’s important to think about how far your super will stretch, and whether it will be able to provide you the lifestyle you want

How to access your super in retirement

Choosing when and how you access your super in retirement is a really important decision, and everyone is different.

What is Transition to Retirement?

Transition to retirement – also known as TTR – was introduced to help people ease into retirement.

How to fund aged care as part of your retirement plan

Being prepared and knowing that you may eventually need to pay for a place in an aged care facility should form part of your retirement planning.

Tax on an Income Account in Gateway

An Income Account in our Gateway division lets you convert your super savings into an income stream or streams to provide you with a regular income payment.

We're here to help

If you want to learn more or need help with making a decision about your super, you can get simple advice over the phone or face to face. It’s included as a part of your membership so there’s no extra cost.