Exemplary governance is one of the core foundations of our business strategy.

This regulates everything we do, including how objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and assessed and how performance is optimised.

Significant and material change notices

Service providers

Service providers that may affect a material business activity at Qantas Super.

Master Custodian J P Morgan Chase NA43074112011
Internal auditor KPMG51194660183
AdministratorMercer Outsourcing (Australia) Pty Ltd83068908912
Shared services Qantas Airways Ltd16009661901
Centralised Portfolio Management / Investment ManagerParametric Portfolio Associates LLC89153743894
Investment ManagerArdea Investment Management Pty Ltd50132902722
Investment ManagerAXA Investment Managers Asia (Singapore) Ltd115203622
Investment ManagerBain Capital Credit, LPN/A
Investment ManagerCampbell Global, LLCN/A
Investment ManagerEllerston Capital Ltd34110397674
Investment ManagerH20 Asset Management LLPN/A
Investment ManagerInsight Investment Management (Global) LtdN/A
Investment ManagerJamieson Coote Bonds Pty Ltd165890282
Investment ManagerLiverpool Partners Private Equity Pty Ltd36634562486
Investment ManagerLongreach Alternatives Ltd25082852364
Investment ManagerMetrics Credit Partners Pty Ltd150646996
Investment ManagerPalisade Investment Partners Ltd68010529665
Investment ManagerPendal Institutional Ltd17126390627
Investment ManagerPerennial Value Management Ltd22090879904
Investment ManagerROC Capital Pty Ltd37167858764
Investment ManagerSquare Peg Technologies Pty Ltd16655408567
Investment ManagerWasatch Global Investors 605031909

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