It’s important to make sure your money is invested to match your needs and lifestyle goals.

Everybody’s different – some people like to take on more risk with the aim of realising greater returns over the long run, while others prefer a safer, more conservative approach.

Over time, your priorities, goals and appetite for risk will change too.

Which is why it’s important to check in from time to time to see if your money is invested in the options that are right for you.

Watch this short video to learn how you can invest your super:

Thinking about changing your investment options?

If you’re thinking of changing your investment options, here are some handy things you may want to know.

How long investment option changes take

The timing will depend on whether you are changing the options that apply to your existing account balance, or your future contributions.

Market volatility and your super

Your super is in a strong position to weather the current storm thanks to Qantas Super’s safety-first approach to investment.

How to change your investment options

Changing your options is easy. All you have to do is log into your account and click ‘Investments’.

Put your investments on autopilot with Glidepath

Glidepath is an investment option designed to meet your needs today and into the future.

Glidepath adjusts your growth and risk profile over time. When you’re younger, and further away from retirement, Glidepath will expose you to more higher risk, growth assets and less lower risk, defensive assets. When you’re older, Glidepath will expose you to more defensive assets and less growth assets – this is because you have less time to weather a downturn in the market.

There are four stages. If you don’t want control of your investments, the best thing is you’re automatically invested in a stage depending on your year of birth. It’s like autopilot for your super!

Watch this short video to learn how Glidepath works:

Take-Off stage

Time horizon: 10 years

Strategic asset allocation:
Equities = 75%
Alternatives = 23%
Fixed interest = 0%
Cash = 2%

Return objective: CPI + 4.5%

Risk level: High

Altitude stage

Time horizon: 7 years

Strategic asset allocation:
Equities = 60%
Alternatives = 20%
Fixed interest = 16%
Cash = 4%

Return objective: CPI + 3.5%

Risk level: High

Cruising stage

Time horizon: 6 years

Strategic asset allocation:
Equities = 50%
Alternatives = 18%
Fixed interest = 24%
Cash = 8%

Return objective: CPI + 3%

Risk level: Medium to high

Destination stage

Time horizon: 5 years

Strategic asset allocation:
Equities = 40%
Alternatives = 20%
Fixed interest = 30%
Cash = 10%

Return objective: CPI + 2.5%

Risk level: Medium

Other investments options


For members with a time horizon of at least 10 years, who want their money invested mostly in growth assets, with a high degree of risk.


For members with a time horizon of at least seven years, who want to achieve high returns through exposure to growth assets, with a medium to high degree of risk.


For members with a time horizon of at least five years, who want their investments balanced between growth and defensive assets, with a medium degree of risk.


For members with a time horizon of at least three years, who want stable, modest returns, with a low to medium degree of risk.


For members who want an investment portfolio predominately invested in low-cost passive growth assets.


For members who want exposure to cash and short-term money market returns, with a very low degree of risk.

Consider the likely investment return, the risk, and your investment timeframe when choosing an option in which to invest.

What are you investing?

Along with your priorities, goals, and appetite for risk, another factor you may want to consider when looking at investment options is what portion of your super you want to invest in which option.

You can choose which investment options apply to your:

Current account balance

You can specify how much to invest in each option by dollar amounts, or by whole percentages.

Future contributions

Your future contributions include contributions from your employer, and any roll-ins, regular or one-off contributions you may make. You can specify how much to invest in each option by whole percentages.

Change your investment options

You can log into your account at anytime to check and change your investment options

Need help deciding?

Call us and we’ll put you in touch with a financial adviser who can help you decide which investment options are right for you