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We believe in a safety first approach when it comes to managing your money. We focus on investing your money in long term, high quality, value for money investments. It’s an approach that takes into account the risks and the rewards of investing.

Our strategy for your money

In house talent

We employ the best talent to create value and protect your investments by proactively managing the amount of risk your investments are exposed to

Partner with the best

We partner with over 25 ‘best in class’ investment managers to meet your specific investment needs

Diversified investment

You wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, so we don’t either. We spread your investment risk to help deliver smoother returns

Maximise returns

We aim to maximise your investment returns by keeping expenses low and having sound investment governance in place

What your money is invested in

As a member, you’re a part owner of a wide range of businesses across 40 countries. Take a look at this video to learn about the types of industries and companies we invest your money in.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of investments we hold, take a look at our top portfolio holdings for Australian equities, global equities and other investments.

Helping the world’s tomorrow, today

We diversify your exposure to market risk by investing in alternative asset classes. Over the years this has included property and infrastructure assets, and more recently timberland, agriculture and renewable energy.


Renewable energy

As the world moves away from old style energy like coal – renewable energy has become an important part of today’s energy supply mix. We’re proud to have been an early mover in this area, and our forward-thinking has been creating value for members.

As a member, you currently own a share of the Waterloo Wind Farm in Clare, South Australia. Waterloo has generated strong returns since we made the investment back in 2013.


Agriculture assets are attractive because of the need for greater food security, a scarcity of natural resources (such as water) and a growing global middle class population all increasing demand. Australia and New Zealand are ideally placed to benefit from these trends.

We have invested in StoneAxe Pastoral Company, who operate one of Australia’s largest full-blood Wagyu operations. There is a global undersupply, which is expected to continue with the increasing demand for beef and premium-end products, particularly in China.

In Japan, wagyu has been assigned ‘national treasure’ status, which prohibits the export of wagyu genetics. This increases the value of herds outside Japan, like StoneAxe’s in Western Australia and New South Wales.

Our position on climate change

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time and it creates investment risks. We have a number of processes to assess the risks and opportunities of climate change.

Options tailored to your needs

You’re one of a kind. That’s why we’ve created a range of investment options – you can select one or a combination of options that best suits you.

For younger members with what seems like a lifetime of work in front of them, more risk and greater potential returns might be appealing. Members nearing the end of their careers, however, might chose a less risky option with the potential for smoother returns.

It’s important you select the option that’s right for you. After all, this is the money you get to enjoy when you finish work. You need to grow and protect it as you would any other investment.

Proudly tobacco free

As of March 2018, we quit investing in tobacco manufacturing companies.

What we invest in

View our top holdings for portfolios including Australia equities and global equities

How we've performed

Find out how our investment options have performed over time and against the objectives we’ve set

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