Information on managing and accessing your super through COVID-19

Market volatility and your super

It’s human nature to feel unsettled when there’s significant volatility in global financial markets, as we’re experiencing now as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, volatility is a normal part of investing for the long-term. This article explains why.

Looking beyond the headlines on coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s important to remember that while newspapers and television news trade in headlines day-by-day (if not hour-by-hour) to garner clicks and viewers, investment markets operate on a long-term basis.

New Director elected to the Board

Maria Cheung has been elected to the Qantas Super Trustee Board, representing Group E.

Farewelling Hendrik van Calcar from the Board

As the former Head of Group Finance, Planning, and Analysis at Qantas, Hendrik van Calcar was always interested in learning more about Qantas Super and the work it does.

How 10 women have taken control of their super

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the contributions of the women in the Qantas Super team and looking at how they’ve taken control of their super.

The 10 postcodes with the highest average super balances

Your parents probably taught you that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, but sometimes it can be fun to look at what others are up to – particularly when it comes to money.

Why you should talk super with your Valentine

Whether you go all out on Valentine’s Day or not, the time around February 14 can be the perfect occasion to talk super with your partner.

How to stay cyber safe

Protect yourself, your information and your computer by learning how to identify phishing scams.

Qantas Super partners with OnePath Life

Qantas Super has appointed leading Australian insurance provider OnePath Life to provide members with a range of flexible life insurance options through their super.

Investment insights: December quarter

Both the Australian and global share markets, along with private equity and timberland, performed particularly well through the December quarter.

Investment insights: September quarter

Each of Qantas Super’s investment options performed well in the September quarter. According to Qantas Super investment manager Chris Grogan, bonds and ‘real’ assets including property infrastructure, agriculture, and timber performed well through this period.

What is a good investment return for your super?

Put simply, a return is the money made on an investment over a particular period of time, or how much you get back on top of what you put in. An investor will generally put money into an investment because they expect some kind of return; that’s where we get the term ‘return on investment’ from.