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Welcome to Super Chats, a podcast helping you learn about super. We know super can be complicated, so with Super Chats we want to demystify superannuation so you can tell your binding beneficiaries from your non-concessional contributions.

Investment insights: December 2023 quarter

Qantas Super had a strong end to the 2023 calendar year, with each of our investment options posting strong gains over the December quarter.

An update on Qantas Super’s 2022/23 Annual Member Meeting

Qantas Super held our 2022/23 Annual Member Meeting on 15 February 2024. .If you were unable to attend, you can catch up by reading a recap, or by watching a recording, or by listening to the meeting as a podcast.

Why do people make voluntary contributions to their super?

We asked a few members of the Qantas Super team why they started making voluntary contributions, and the benefits they’ve seen in making those contributions.

How 13 women have taken control of their super

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), around 80 percent of women are currently retiring with insufficient super savings to fund a comfortable lifestyle, with the average balance for women at retirement sitting at around $85,000 less than the average for men. But there are a number of quick, easy things women can do to take control of their super.

How to stay cyber safe and boost your fraud awareness

There are a number of common phishing scams that criminals use to fraudulently gain access to superannuation. Here are a few to look out for.

Member survey competition winners

Find out which members won the December 2023 survey prize draw.

An update on exploring merger options

In September 2023, Qantas Super’s Trustee announced that we would be exploring options to merge Qantas Super with other superannuation funds. As we embark on this process, we want to keep you informed at each stage of the process and answer your questions.

Investment insights: September 2023 quarter

Markets kicked off the 2023 calendar year on a positive note, with each investment option almost doubling their return for the year to date from the December 2022 quarter to the end of March 2023.

The balance you need to achieve a comfortable retirement – based on your income

Like many things when it comes to your finances, the amount of super you need to live out your retirement dreams depends on your personal circumstances and the goals you have for your time after work.

Investment insights: June 2023 quarter

After several years of volatility in investment markets, with returns swinging from negative to record highs, and back to the low single-digits, the 2022/23 financial year has seen a return to what we could consider more ‘normal’ numbers, with Qantas Super delivering strong absolute returns across all investment options.

What does the Superannuation Guarantee increase mean for me?

The Superannuation Guarantee is the minimum amount that your employer must contribute to your super, calculated as a percentage of your ordinary time earnings.

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