Annual Member Meeting FY2020/21

If you couldn’t attend our Annual Member Meeting for FY2020/21, you can watch a recording of the event.

Get to know our CIO

For most of us, going through the global financial crisis just a couple of months after taking on the role of inaugural Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of a super fund would likely be considered a case of particularly bad timing. Not so for Andrew Spence, who believes his joining Qantas Super as the fund’s first CIO in July 2008 came at the perfect time.

Spotlight on our investments

At Qantas Super, we focus on being well diversified by building portfolios with investments that complement each other. That means your super is invested across over 5,000 investments such as shares, property, infrastructure, timberland, agriculture, a variety of bonds, and cash. Take a look at a couple of the things we’ve invested in.

Member survey competition winners

Find out which members won the December 2021 survey prize draw.

Farewelling Maria Cheung from the Board

Like many other Qantas staff, aviation was in the blood for Mark Thorpe: with his brother a pilot and his sister a flight attendant, dinner time conversations growing up often turned to flying.

How to prepare your super to take flight

If you’re preparing to come back to work or have recently returned, here are a couple of quick things you can do to dust off your super account and make sure it’s in good shape.

What’s the average super balance for your age?

Like many things when it comes to your finances, the amount of super you need to live out your retirement dreams depends on your personal circumstances and the goals you have for your time after work.

Investment insights: September 2021 quarter

According to independent research house SuperRatings, each of our tailored investment options – Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Conservative, and Cash – was ranked in the top quartile for their respective categories for the September 2021 quarter, with Aggressive ranked 1st.

Group E Director election results

View the results of the Group E Director election which ran in November 2021.

Group D Director election results

View the results of the Group D Director election which ran in October 2021.

Our commitment to net zero carbon emissions across our investment portfolio by 2050

Qantas Super has committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions across our investment portfolio by 2050. This is the latest step on our ongoing journey to deliver sustainable investment outcomes for our members.

What does the Superannuation Guarantee increase mean for me?

The Superannuation Guarantee is the minimum amount that your employer must contribute to your super, calculated as a percentage of your ordinary time earnings.