Simulate your income in retirement

With the retirement simulator, you can:

  • Work out how much super you could have in retirement and how long it will last
  • Estimate your total income in retirement
  • Calculate what income you might need to do the things you want in retirement
  • Create and compare different scenarios by adjusting your super contributions, investment returns, retirement date and more

Note: The simulator assumes you have an accumulation-style super benefit and doesn’t allow for any defined benefit super calculations that might apply to you.

Calculate your insurance needs

Trying to figure out what insurance cover you need? The insurance needs calculator, provided by MoneySmart, gives you a general picture of whether you have enough insurance cover for death.

If you have a partner, dependants or a mortgage, this cover, along with cover for total and permanent disablement (TPD) and income protection – which can be arranged through your super – can be very important considerations.

Seek professional advice

Calculators are great at providing a general picture, but you shouldn’t rely on them solely to make decisions about a financial product or plan for your future. You should consider seeking advice from a financial adviser before you make any decisions.

As a member you can access limited advice at no additional cost. If you have more complex advice needs we can also put you in touch with an expert financial adviser who knows the ins and out of Qantas Super.

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