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Being a member of Qantas Super gives you access to great benefits.

You get great deals on travel, the best medical care, help with understanding your financial situation and how to plan for the next step after you leave work. All of our benefits extend to your spouse, meaning we look after your family, as if they were part of the Qantas Super family.

Member perks

Guidance through your journey

Our super account can help you save for retirement, and our income account will be there to help you make the most of your life after work.

Access to medical experts

You have access to 360Health Virtual Care, a service that gives you and your immediate family confidential access to expert medical support and guidance from the comfort and support of your own home.

Financial advice

We make it easy for you to get quality advice by giving you access to Super Advisers at work or over the phone. Best of all, this service is included in your membership, so there’s no additional cost.

Even more benefits for you

Insurance cover

While no one likes thinking about what can go wrong, insurance is a way of making sure you are financially protected from unexpected difficulties that may affect you and your loved ones. Most of our members can have insurance that’s built into their superannuation. This means, as a Qantas Super member, you may be eligible for:

  • Standard Cover or Basic Cover – This may be automatically included in your super if you’re eligible, or you can opt-in online to receive it
  • Voluntary Cover – This is extra insurance, and is optional.

For more information on our insurance click here.

Retirement coaching

When you retire your life will change. We’ve partnered with 64Plus to help you prepare with a 10% discount on retirement coaching.

View the 64Plus brochure to learn more.

Share your membership

We’re the super fund for Qantas employees and their families, meaning that spouses of members can be members too, giving them access to all benefits, including 360Health Virtual Care.

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