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Partners in a life-long journey

Being a Qantas Super member is, for many, a life-long journey. Starting from when you join the team, we’re here to help you throughout your working life, making the most of your super savings and planning for and achieving your best possible life after work.


If you’re a new member of the Qantas family, or thinking of joining Qantas Super, everything you need to know is included in our ‘Joining’ page.

Find out all about the benefits of being a member and how you can save fees by combining your other super savings into your Qantas Super account.


When you’re working hard, your super savings should be working hard for you too.

There’s some simple actions you can take to help your money grow, whilst protecting you and your family from life’s twist and turns. And if you want to know more about where your money’s invested, it’s all here.


As you edge towards the end of your Qantas career, it time to start making plans.

Plans for understanding what a great life after work looks like for you, plans for accessing your money and maybe working a bit less and plans to make sure your family is looked after.


It’s time to enjoy the life you imagined after finishing work.

You’ve finished up at Qantas, but you’re still a valued member of Qantas Super. And there’s still lots of help we can provide. From maintaining a regular income to getting support and advice about your retirement, we’re here for you.

Not sure where to start?
Let us help.

Wherever you are on your journey, there are some simple tasks that can make a big difference later on
Combine your super

It only takes three minutes to combine your super and save money

Grow your super

Adding more to your super yourself, could help you achieve your goals sooner

Nominate a beneficiary

Make sure your super savings are passed on to those you care about