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There’s nothing better than seeing the money you’ve invested in super grow over time.

Here you can see just that – what your investment options have returned for a specific period. You can also see how we’ve performed against the objectives we’ve set for each investment option. The investment returns shown on this page have already had investment fees deducted.

How we've performed

Account type

Result style

Performance data

Check how your super has performed

Log in to your account to see what options your super is invested in, the investment returns you’ve received and your latest account balance.

MySuper product dashboard

‘MySuper’ is a type of account (or investment option) you can have with a super fund. Qantas Super’s MySuper option is the Glidepath investment option. The MySuper product dashboard is designed to help you better understand the returns, fees and level of risk of the Glidepath investment option – Qantas Super’s MySuper option.

Member outcomes assessment

Each year we are required to assess our performance and, based on that assessment, make an annual determination that we are promoting the financial interests of our members.

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Weekly credited
interest rates

Download weekly credited interest rates (CIRs) for our investment options and our defined benefit assets in Excel or PDF format.

Your investment options

If you’re unsure what options your money is invested in, you can check and change your investment options by logging in to your account. Before you do, learn about the different options to make sure you choose what’s right for you.