Retirement shouldn’t be about waving goodbye to a career you’ve spent a lifetime building, it should be about enjoying the rewards that come from a lifetime of hard work.

That’s why we created the Qantas Super Income Account. It lets you draw a regular income from the super you’ve saved throughout your career, allowing you to get the most from your retirement, while remaining a valued member of the Qantas Super family.

Benefits of an income account

Receive regular payments

An income account pays you a regular income from your retirement savings. That means you can better manage your day-to-day expenses and those bigger retirement dreams.

Reduce the tax you pay

Before you turn 60, you may receive a 15% discount for the tax you pay on your retirement income. Once you’ve turned 60, you won’t pay tax on the payments you receive from your Income Account. When you reach your preservation age you won’t pay tax on your investment earnings 1.

Keep growing your wealth

Did you know that 60% of a member’s wealth is earned through investment during retirement?2 An Income Account keeps your nest egg invested so it continues to generate returns.

Flexibility with your money

To cover any expenses that may pop up in retirement, you can make online withdrawals3 from your Income Account. To help with budgeting, you can choose from fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments. You also have the option to increase your payment amounts so they stay in line with inflation.

1. Unless you’re starting a transition to retirement strategy.   2. Russell Investments: ‘The 10/30/60 Rule’, January, 2015.   3. Conditions apply. Minimum and maximum drawdown limits apply.

When can you start accessing your super?

Did you know, you can start accessing the benefits of your super in the years leading up to retirement? And that when you retire, you don’t have to take your super as a lump sum? With a Qantas Super Income Account, you can relax knowing your nest egg is somewhere safe, while you enjoy a regular income as you reduce your hours or leave the workforce.

If you’re between 55 and 604 and ready to slow down a little, you may be eligible to supplement your regular income. Here’s how:

Start while you’re working

  1. Select the Qantas Super Income Account – Transition To Retirement
  2. Tap into your super to top up your regular income (tax applies), while keeping the rest of your super invested and continuing to make contributions

Start upon retirement

  1. Select the Qantas Income Account to suit you: ‘Autopilot’ or ‘Go your own way’
  2. Receive regular payments from your retirement savings, just like a salary
  3. Access extra money from your account whenever unexpected expenses pop up
  4. Your nest egg remains invested and continues to generate investment returns

Choose the level of control that’s right for you

Regardless of your financial situation and life goals, you can choose a Qantas Super Income Account pathway to meet your retirement needs.

It pays to stick with Qantas Super

Leaving your job doesn’t mean you need to leave behind the benefits of being a Qantas Super member.

High standards, lower fees

Rest assured, you’ll pay competitive fees that are lower than the industry average5.

It’s all about you

Because we don’t profit from our members, we don’t use your super savings to pay commissions or keep shareholders happy. Quite simply, all our profits go back to our members.

Keep track wherever, whenever

View your balance, manage your investments and update your details online, anytime.

Sound financial advice

We provide access to professional advice from licensed financial advisers, either face-to-face or over the phone.

Travel perks

On top of any Qantas travel benefits you’ve accrued, you can look forward to additional discounts on cruises and tours.

Stay at your best

Your family receive complimentary membership to Best Doctors. It’s an internationally-recognised service that gives you access to leading medical specialists.

5. SuperRatings, Fundamental Report, 31 July 2017

Ready to set up your income account?

If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of a Qantas Super Income Account, give us a call on 1300 362 967 and we’ll get you set up.