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To most people, super is confusing, but it doesn't need to be. It should be easy to understand and easy to do. This is why we're focused on helping our members not only understand what we do with their money, but actively engage in building towards a better life after work.

Things you can do online

Sometimes you just want to get something done. No talk, no fuss.

There’s plenty you can do online that means you can take key actions to grow your super, or make changes to your account. These simple tasks can be completed on this site, or by logging into the secure site using your member number and PIN.

Combine your super

One of the most important and easy things you can do is to combine your super accounts. Many of us have other accounts that we've collected during our working lives that may have balances that are being eroded by annual fees and charges. Combining your other accounts into your Qantas Super account is easy and can make a big difference when it comes to your life after work.
Update your beneficiaries

A five minute task that can make a big difference to your family

Reset your pin

It’s easy to forgot it, and easy to reset it

Check my account balance

It’s good to know how your super is doing, check your balance and statements

Update your details

Moved, or want email comms? Change or update your details here

Things you may need our help with

When things start getting a bit more complicated, you might need our help

If you do, there are plenty of ways we can help, starting with easy to understand information online, through to talking to one of our partner advisers, we’ve got it covered.

Make a contribution

There are a few ways you can make extra contributions to your super savings. If you’re not sure which is the right way for you, check out the information below, or contact us and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

Things you may want to speak to us about

If your financial life is complex, or even just feels like it is, it’s probably best to speak to someone who can help.

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Whether you just don’t get super (like most of us), or have other things to consider, like other investments or family considerations, talking it through can help get clarity and help get things done. Our support for members includes phone and face to face options and general and personalised advice, whatever you need to get you sorted.

Help with accessing your super

Did you know there are strategies that you can use to access your super towards the end of your career (subject to lots of conditions of course). This could mean that you can work less, but maintain your income. The main strategy for doing this is called ‘Transition to retirement’, which you may have heard of. If it sounds interesting, it’s definitely worth talking to one of our advice team, who would be happy to let you know if you meet the criteria.

Other important things you might want to talk to us about

Insurance claims
Leaving Qantas
Help with other money
How much can I add to my super?

Info booths

One of the many ways we support our members is our info booths at various locations across Australia. Stop by our pop-up information booth for a chat if you need information about your super. New dates and locations are coming soon.

Everything you need to help make
the most of your money

Whether you prefer to call us, do your own research, or take action right away, here’s everything you might need to start you on your road to enjoying life after work

Get in touch

However you prefer to talk to us,
there’s a way to suit you


Not sure if you’ll have enough money saved away for life after work? Our calculator can help estimate your income in retirement

3 minute task

If you want to tick one thing off your to do list, find out how to consolidate your money