Investment insights: September quarter

The September 2020 quarter saw each of our investment options deliver strong results, with investments across all asset classes performing well.

Investment insights: June 2020 quarter

After a difficult end to the March 2020 quarter, investment markets rebounded during the June 2020 quarter, allowing each of Qantas Super’s investment options to make some gains to close out the 2019/20 financial year.

Changes to asset allocation ranges

Learn more about the change to asset allocation ranges for our investment options.

Investing your super when the market’s down

You’ve probably heard it dozens of times already, and you’ll hear it dozens more: super is a long term investment, and volatility is a normal part of investing for the long term.

Market volatility and your super

It’s human nature to feel unsettled when there’s significant volatility in global financial markets, as we’re experiencing now as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, volatility is a normal part of investing for the long-term. This article explains why.

Looking beyond the headlines on coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s important to remember that while newspapers and television news trade in headlines day-by-day (if not hour-by-hour) to garner clicks and viewers, investment markets operate on a long-term basis.

Investment insights: March 2020 quarter

While falls in share markets globally dominated the headlines, a range of so-called “safe haven” assets, such as government bonds and high quality credit investments, performed well over the March 2020 quarter.

Investment insights: December quarter

Both the Australian and global share markets, along with private equity and timberland, performed particularly well through the December quarter.

Investment insights: September quarter

Each of Qantas Super’s investment options performed well in the September quarter. According to Qantas Super investment manager Chris Grogan, bonds and ‘real’ assets including property infrastructure, agriculture, and timber performed well through this period.

What is a good investment return for your super?

Put simply, a return is the money made on an investment over a particular period of time, or how much you get back on top of what you put in. An investor will generally put money into an investment because they expect some kind of return; that’s where we get the term ‘return on investment’ from.

Investment insights: July quarter

According to Qantas Super investment manager Chris Grogan, both Australian and global share markets performed well through this period, contributing to healthy returns for each of Qantas Super’s investment options for the year and three years to 30 June 2019.

Change to Cash investment option

From 4 April 2018, the Cash investment option will be invested solely into a bank account with ANZ Bank.

This change will mean a slightly higher rate of return compared to historical returns generated by the Cash investment option.  ANZ will pay interest on the cash held in the account at a rate equal to the Reserve Bank of Australia rate plus 0.75% p.a.