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The amount of lost and unclaimed super across Australia has risen to $16 billion, according to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This is an increase of $2.1 billion since the last financial year.

Lost and unclaimed super can include money spread across long-forgotten super accounts, and small balances that have been transferred by super funds to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If you’ve changed your name, moved jobs, or changed address and forgotten to update your details with your super fund, you may have super that you’ve lost track of.

According to the ATO, super funds currently hold $10.4 billion in lost super – this is when it’s still held by the fund, but the member is uncontactable or the account is inactive.

If your account reaches certain category requirements, a super fund may be required to transfer the balance of your account to the ATO, where it then becomes ‘unclaimed super’. The ATO will try to consolidate that money into another active super account that you have.

The ATO stated that it currently holds $5.6 billion in super, an increase of $1.6 billion since 2019. Since November 2019, the ATO has consolidated almost 4.7 million accounts with a value of $7.1 billion dollars.

Do you have lost super?

If you had a job before joining the Qantas Group, or maybe took a second job during the pandemic, you might have funds sitting in an old super account or money that’s been sent to the ATO by your old fund.

Searching for lost super is easy – simply log in to your account to search and combine your super in a couple of minutes.

The benefits of combining your super

Having more than one super account means you could be paying multiple sets of admin fees and insurance premiums, eroding your hard-earned super balance. It can also mean extra paperwork, and more difficulty keeping track of your super – especially if you change your name or contact details.

By combining your super and saving on extra fees, you’re keeping more of your money invested, so it can work hard for you and your retirement.

Before you combine

Before you combine: we recommend you check with your other super funds if there are any fees or charges for exiting the fund.

You should also consider your insurance needs – if you have insurance cover with the other fund, closing your old account will likely cancel any cover held with that account.

Extra tips

While you’re logged in, it’s worth checking that your contact details are up to date – simply click the ‘Personal details’ tab to check and make any changes.

If you’re using your work email to hear from us, you may want to consider switching this to your personal email address so you can keep track of your Qantas Super, wherever life takes you. Or, if you share an email address with someone else, like your partner, and you both use this address to hear from us, it’s important to make sure you each update your account with your own email address.

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