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Maria Cheung has been elected to the Qantas Super Trustee Board, representing Group E.

Over 620 members voted in the election to appoint a new representative – view the results notice.

Members in Group E are classified by Qantas as “otherwise than is provided in Groups A-D, including Airline Officers’ Award Level 5 – Senior Professional 2, Executive/Management Framework employees, Business & Information Technology Professionals and Professional Engineers”.

Maria is taking over in the position from former Group E Director Hendrik van Calcar, who stepped down from the Board in December 2019 after 18 months in the role.

Currently the Head of Service Delivery and Operations at Qantas Loyalty, Maria has been with Qantas for 29 years and “a member of Qantas Super from day one”.

Maria stood for election because she’s passionate about helping people better understand their super.

“In my years within Qantas, I have worked with a lot of people who are in different stages of their career or life. Many I spoke to don’t have a great understanding of their superannuation, what they want to achieve, or the options they have to get there,” she said.

“This is something I will be very passionate about as your member-elected Director: making sure all members have the best chance to make informed, impactful decisions about their super and their future.”

Maria has developed a strong variety of skills through her time at Qantas, including managing operations, risk, implementing strategy, improving member experience, and financial management. She has also completed a Master of Business Administration.

Michael Clancy, CEO of Qantas Super, congratulated Maria on her election.

“Maria is a strong advocate for members, with a wealth of experience across Qantas. I look forward to working with her to help our members be confident about their financial future so they can enjoy retirement.”

Maria is now a Director designate and her formal appointment to the Trustee Board will be proposed on 12 March 2020.