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Having both come to the world of super from other industries, Nicola Brown and Zaheed Khan know there’s a lot to get your head around when it comes to navigating your super account.

With that in mind, the pair recently joined Qantas Super to develop and launch our new Member Care team. The team helps members with the more complicated types of enquiries that can’t always be solved by a quick call to the Helpline, lending their personal touch to ensure members get the answers they need.

Though Nicola began her full-time career working in tourism, she found her way to super after a stint working in the industry through uni. Over the years, she’s worked in a variety of roles across super, from administration to learning and development, legislation, and more.

“That’s the wonderful thing about super, there’s always something new to learn about,” she said.

With more than 20 years in super now under her belt, Nicola said the biggest change she’s seen is the growing awareness among Australians of the importance of their super. In turn, as members start to pay more attention to their super, Nicola said the timing was perfect to launch Member Care.

“I think working in-house at a super fund gives us the ability to really make a change for members, and see it followed through,” she said.

Zaheed, too, is bringing years of experience to help our members.

Starting his customer service career at David Jones, he then moved to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), where he helped the organisation transition to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), and again to its current iteration, Service NSW.

He then took what he thought would be a short stint out of government with Citibank.

Instead, he began to develop an interest in finance that eventually led him to superannuation administrator Link. While at Link, Zaheed managed the Helpline for the likes of funds including MTAA Super.

When the opportunity to join the Qantas Super team arose, Zaheed felt it was the perfect opportunity to apply everything he had learned working at an administrator in a new environment.

“Understanding the pain points faced by both an administrator and a trustee gives us a balanced view that allows us to help both sides to assist members,” he said.

As well as assisting members over the phone and presenting webinars and seminars to educate members about their super, Nicola and Zaheed will soon be meeting members in bases around Australia as staff continue to return to work.


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