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A recent article in The Weekend Australian regarding Qantas Super reported misinformed and speculative details about the fund which are necessary to correct as they have the potential to cause distress and confusion for our members in what are already extremely challenging times.

Qantas Super remains committed to supporting the Federal Government’s Policy to allow our members to access up to a total of $20,000 from their superannuation accounts over the course of the current and next financial year, to assist them through the current crisis.  As a corporate super fund, Qantas Super is closely connected with its members, who have among the highest average account balances of any fund in Australia, and we stand ready with ample liquidity to support those members undergoing financial hardship.

We believe it’s our duty to ensure all our members make informed decisions about their super, so they can feel confident about their financial future.  We continue to provide our members with online education and advice to help them navigate what is a particularly difficult time, and to ensure they are aware of what impact their decisions may mean for their super now, and at retirement.

Despite the challenging global financial markets all investors are facing, Qantas Super’s investment portfolios remain well-diversified and highly liquid.  Our underlying investments are high quality, with low embedded leverage, and managed by experienced investment partners with a strong alignment of interest.

Qantas Super has a proud 80-year history that stretches from the Second World War onwards.  We have always been there for our members, and are committed to being here right now to help during this global pandemic which has had such a negative impact on the aviation industry and on many Qantas Super members, especially those who have been stood down from the work they love.

These are already challenging times and misinformed and speculative reporting is both regrettable and unhelpful.  If you have any questions about how to access your super, you can find the answers on our special COVID-19 website or feel free to call our Helpline on 1300 362 967.

About Qantas Super

Qantas Super is one of Australia’s largest corporate super funds. It exists for people who are working for, or have worked for, the Qantas Group and their spouses. Qantas Super has been working for its members since 1939, and now has over 31,000 members and approximately $7.9 billion in assets under management.

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