How to join

Qantas Group
new starters

If you're a new starter at Qantas Group (excluding Jetstar), you'll be set up with a Qantas Super account as part of your onboarding unless you instruct payroll to send your super to another fund. You do not need to fill in the form on this page.

new starters

If you're a new starter at Jetstar simply fill out the form on this page to join Qantas Super and we'll get cracking to set up your account.

Been at Qantas Group a while?

If you have worked at Qantas Group (including Jetstar) a while and your super contributions are going to another super fund, simply fill out the form on this page to join Qantas Super and direct your future contributions to us.

You need to be employed by Qantas Group and based in Australia to join Qantas Super.

Why become a member?

A fund run for you

We’re a not-for-profit super fund that exists entirely for the benefit of members. This means your fees go straight back into providing great products and services to you.

You’re part of a Gold fund

We’re a gold rated "good value for money super fund" as assessed by independent ratings agency, SuperRatings.

You have a voice

You help choose Directors on the Qantas Super Board, who make decisions about how Qantas Super is run. You can even run yourself!

Super with perks

Tap into Best Doctors, a unique medical advice service, that’s free to you and your family. Plus get discounts on cruises and retirement coaching.

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Important things to consider

Before joining Qantas Super, please read the Gateway Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance and Investment Guides to decide whether Qantas Super is appropriate for you. Glidepath is our MySuper investment option, and the default for Super Account members who don't actively choose an investment option.

We recommend that you consider taking financial advice before making any decision about transferring your superannuation, as this may affect fees and insured benefits which you currently have. If you need help with making a decision about joining Qantas Super, we can put you in touch with a financial adviser. Simple super advice over the phone is included as a part of your membership so there's no extra cost.