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Got a question about your super? Rachel’s got the answer!

Like thousands of others who’ve been at Qantas for a long time, Rachel Gulisano saw a number of changes over her 13 years working in Payroll.

“An employee file at the time was a pretty hefty binder with sometimes reams of paper,” she said. “When you have 30,000 employees, you can imagine how much paper we had around.”

This experience means she’s no stranger to the complexities of managing superannuation for aviation staff, an exercise that takes into account not only different types of benefit styles, but a multitude of different awards, salaries based on aircraft types, allowances, and more.

This will serve Rachel in good stead in her new role as Member Care Consultant at Qantas Super, where she will be working to help members with more complex enquiries that can’t always be solved by a quick call to the Helpline, as well as providing general advice through one-on-one appointments and visits to bases across Australia.

Rachel decided to apply for the role after dabbling in the world of super, and the quirks of various Qantas Super divisions, through various Payroll projects.

“It sparked my interest because super is such a massive space, so there’s a lot to learn, which I thought would be a great opportunity,” Rachel said.

Having joined the team in June 2023, Rachel has come on board at a particularly exciting time, with the Qantas Super Hub opening on the Street at Mascot campus and the team returning to full speed ahead with their visits to bases.

Rachel said the experience so far has been even more fun than she thought it would be.

“Having that social aspect at the Hub, with people dropping by, has been great,” she said. “The Hub is giving people the chance to come by and ask questions and get information about something that’s really important, but not often front of mind. It’s helping to make super more interactive and interesting.”

You can meet Rachel at the Hub at Mascot Campus or check when the team will be visiting your workplace here.

You can also book a one-on-one appointment with Rachel here.

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