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Bring your super home to Qantas Super

25 May 2017

Lost track of your super?
Think you might have some other super floating around out there?
Or don’t even know if you have any other super?

We can help you find it, so you can bring your super home to Qantas Super.

To do this, open the email we sent you earlier this week, copy your unique code, and then click on the ‘Enter code’ link that’s sitting below it.  

We’ll search Australian Taxation Office super records using your tax file number for any other super accounts that might belong to you.

If we find money that belongs to you sitting with the Australian Taxation Office, we’ll get this automatically transferred into your Qantas Super account.

And if we find money that’s yours with other super funds, we’ll let you know where it is so you can bring it home.

Didn’t get an email from us?
Call us on 1300 362 967.

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